10 February 2019

Fun Baby Pet Care - Cute & Tiny Toys - Play Fun With Cute Doll, Teddy Bear, Dino, Toy Car & Robot

Cute & Tiny Toys - Doll, Dino, Car, Bear & Robot Cute & Tiny Baby Games Download ➤Google Play: https://goo.gl/9DN1Y7 ➤iTunes: https://goo.gl/3hsZS6 ...

you can tiny toys pick a toy let's build

a robot then you insert the light bomb on his head look at those arms don't forget the screws robot needs his legs move a mind we need to add some you know what to do turn it on [Music] now let's dress him up good job pick a toy would you like to make a doll spray some water now brush it take the scissors and cut it great now brush it now let's access [Music] good job you are the best pick a toy toy [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't forget the screws now let's add some color [Music] it's dress-up time lovely [Music] Wow hey good toy let's make a toy car cover it add some cool stickers cool don't forget the wheels [Music] can you screw them in they know what to do here's the controller [Music] but [Music]

but [Music] pick a toy Oh No we need to fix this teddy bear first wash it good now let's use a hairdryer at the missing eye can you stitch it it needs its arm you know what to do nice looks brand new cover it blue orange green blue [Music] Green [Music] let's make a shirt for baby bear [Music] it's dress-up time wait wait [Music] looks amazing Wow [Music] teddy bear looks adorable you are the best wait pick a toy do you think tiny toys [Music] welcome apply some soap please carefully remove ear rot [Music] let's welcome [Music] apply some soap please pop the bubbles great now dry it off can you wash it [Music] carefully remove earwax with the towel

[Music] brush your teeth please first apply a pitch you know what to do welcome apply some silk please pop the bubble great now rinse it dry it off [Music] how are you nice carefully remove earwax with the towel let's clean his teeth you know what to do welcome [Music]