13 March 2019

Fun Care Kids Game - Sweet Baby Girl Cat - العاب بنات و العاب اطفال

Fun Care Kids Game - Sweet Baby Girl Car - العاب بنات و العاب اطفال.

sweet baby girl cat shelter come back

every day and collect your daily bonus [Music] to the shelter Oliver broke his tail help me to treat it first let's remove these thorns from his coats [Music] great now let's listen to it sounds perfect select the slide heart remove the old bandage turn on the x-ray [Music] welcome to the shelter let's treat whiskers do you see this you need new glasses just a few drops now let's check your vision brush here please [Music] I'm brushes colors much better here are your new glasses great job whiskers business perk whiskers what color is this and this one blue what about this one yellow very good now we can give whiskers some accessories super looks great [Music] welcome to the shelter Oh No the window got very messy apply the cleaner please now wipe it let's make this window shiny [Music] polish it

[Music] you clean this litter box please they're all out the old glitter spray on some cleaner great now this poor some Cleveland Earth [Music] now let's spray it wipe it off [Music] let's vacuum the carpet don't forget the spiderwebs throw the trash away please [Music] welcome to the shelter let's see first we need some fish seasoning now take the fish slice the carrots please [Music] put the tin in the US turn it on hit the fish for a half an hour great fluffy really wants to [Music]