11 February 2019

Fun Cat Pet Care Games - Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party - Play Kitty Haircut Care And Makeover Games

Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party - Kitty Haircut Care By TutoTOONS ○Subscribe Now: http://bit.ly/ArcadeGoTrailers Cats and kittens love birthday parties, cakes ...

let's get ready

ami wants to look beautiful tonight let's help her Vincent turn on the fire save it please Amy wants a ponytail wow it looks great she's missing her spots now the rest of the body let's do her nails choose the color you like and paint it it's almost time let's get ready okay to get ready first term her colors save it please let's dye her hair it's time to watch it she loves water great this color highlights her beauty me turn on the hairdryer great now Russian let's of color let's do the opossum let's get ready let's do a party hairstyle for missing let's add some color she hates water can you drive me much better hmm what should we use let's make her hair curly turn it on take them out let's check your memory find two identical pictures huh it's getting

harder what should we use Missy is not happening let's fix it spray some water please Mickey is not let's fix it what should we use let's get ready you're just tired nice apply the eye cream minutes turn his ear hair please this one too can you clean it his beard is a mess what can we do no let's get rid of them make it curly take them out great now brush it don't think he likes it let's fix it let's do the puzzle you did a good job his beard isn't map apply shaving cream oh yeah shaven much better now some lotion please apply it his beard is a mess let's get ready to get where is Koko take the scissors and cut it can you guys are so great now brush it apply a face mask cucumbers for some freshness it's time to wipe it off Coco looks great now let's do some makeup very good now put on some eyeshadow apply the eyeliner please whereas mascara for a false lash effect oh wow she will be the queen of the pot

let's get ready turn it on please let's make a cat oh yeah fabulous you