08 November 2018

Fun Cute Pet Kitten Care - Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party - Kitty Care & Makeover Games For Kids

Fun Pet Kitten Care - Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party - Kitty Haircut Care & Makeover Games For Girls ➜Download Google Play : https://goo.gl/xqmXoz.

cat hair salon birthday parties come

back every day and get married let's get ready cupcake to get ready first turn fur coats save it please [Music] she loves water [Music] great this color highlights her beauty turn on the hair dryers grapes of color [Music] let's get ready Amy wants to look beautiful tonight let's help her rinse it turn on the hairdryer [Music] save it please Amy wants a ponytail Wow she's missing her spots [Music] now the rest of the body [Music] well done she looks great let's do her nails choose the color you lights and paint it [Music] it's almost an [Music] [Applause] [Music] let's get ready let's do a party hairstyle for Missy first shave her [Music] let's add some color

[Music] she hates water can you drive your tongue much better [Music] [Music] what should we use spray some water please [Music] Missy is not happy let's fix it [Music] she's ready for the party hmm what should we you let's make her hair curly [Music] take them out [Music] she's ready for the party we use [Music] let's get ready let's make a cat awesome [Music] beautiful let's get ready let's get ready you're just tired apply the eye cream turn his ear hair please this one too yeah can you clean it [Music] his beard is a mess what can we do Oh No let's get rid of them his beard is a mess what can we do apply shaving cream oh yeah shape it much better some lotion please apply it his beard is a mess what can we do let's get ready Koko to get

ready where is Koko [Music] take the scissors and cut it can you dry your coat great now brush it apply a face mask for some freshness Coco looks great now let's do some makeup very SID now put on some eye shadow [Music] apply the eyeliner please I use mascara for a false lash effect oh she will be the queen of the party let's get ready welcome to the party lovely amazing [Music] [Music] welcome to the party it's time for put on the candles make a wish happy birthday happy birthday [Music] looks like it was delicious welcome to the party [Music]