24 April 2019

Fun Kids Games - Cat Hair Salon Birthday Party - Play Animal Care & Hair Salon Fun Kitten Pet Care

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[Music] [Applause] let's get ready [Music] people keep to get ready first turn part colors [Music] save it please [Music] let's dye her hair [Music] it's time to wash it she loves water [Music] great this color highlights her beauty [Music] we turn on the hairdryer [Music] great now rush it [Music] let's add some color [Music] Wow her style is impressive good job let's get ready Amy wants to look beautiful tonight let's help her rinse it turn it on the hairdryer save it please Amy wants a ponytail wow it looks great [Music] she's missing her spies

[Music] now the rest of the body [Music] laughter let's do her nails [Music] choose the color you like and pieces [Music] it's almost done let's get ready let's do a party hairstyle for Missy first shake her let's add some color [Music] she hates water can you dry her coat meat lunch better what should be Hughes yeah spray some water please Missy is not happy let's fix it she's better for the parts what should we use let's make her hair curly turn it on [Music] take them out [Music] hmm what should we use let's get ready Wow Coco - get ready where is Koko take the scissors and cut it can you drive her six great now brush it apply a facemask cucumbers first freshness wait for a couple of minutes it's time to wipe it off [Music]

job well done Coco looks great now let's do some makeup very good now put on some eyeshadow apply the eyeliner please [Music] Brown mascara for a false lash effects oh wow she will be the queen of the party let's get ready welcome to the party party dress up ooh very nice very nice party dress up [Music] looks funny [Music] look great looks great party dress up so cool [Music] looks funny parties dress-up [Music] party dresses [Music] perfect party dress up welcome to the party it's time for a birthday cake put on the candles make a wish let's taste it happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Missy looks like it was delicious happy birthday Missy welcome to the

party [Music]