08 November 2018

Fun Pet Animal Care Kids Game - My Cute Little Pet Puppy Care - Pet Care Dress Up Care Game

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my cute little bad puppy care it's time

to play in the playground telephone ball [Music] bass in a box flying discs you were cute [Music] Bobby loves this playing softball you are so lovely egg salad [Music] it's time to race now three two one go Hey be careful to cross that obstacle oh [Music] [Music] wow you won the race puppies got injured while playing let's treat him with some first aid remove the corns [Music] Spray this will help the puppy it's time for x-ray oh the bone seems to be broken let's fix it wow you're doing great [Music] let's check the temperature injection time let's give the puppy some medicine [Music] use the magnifier Oh germs be careful let's remove the germ job well done it's time to check the heartbeats Oh puppies normal puppy looks fine now he can now play as much as he likes thank you it's time to clean the puppy it's time a use the brush

[Music] applies himself let's shower him now let's wipe it off oh yeah that's his favorite fragrance [Music] Poppy's really hungry let's feed him eggs puppy loves them two [Music] all-time favorite meat wow this is puppy's favorite puppy loves milk [Music] I mean that's his favorite food cake is Papi's favorite ice cream Wow Bobby loves it puppy loves lollipop puppy loves to dress up can you help it [Music] stylish collar good choice [Music] terrific marvelous it's time for puppy to go to bed let's give him his favorite things hmm puppy loves music the pacifier will help him sleep well that's his favorite teddy [Music] it's gold he needs a warm blanket this blanket will keep him warm [Music] let's put an alarm my cute little bad puppy care