14 March 2019

Fun Pony Care Game - Princess Gloria Horse Club 2- Play Animal Care Clean Up Makeover Game For Girls

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hello I am princess Gloria come back

every day and get more coins [Music] welcome to the horse club [Music] you clean the stables please much better [Music] sweep the floor don't forget the spiderwebs great now get rid of the dust it's almost the job you helped me so much welcome to the horse club let's make a horseshoe first we need some sand mix it with water move it great now let's make a farm bill the farm please [Music] wait for a couple of minutes take a hammer hit it [Music] now cool it down [Music] horseshoe is done grades now crushed it put the nails in please [Music] now hammer the nails remove the nail tips polish it to make it shiny wow you did it horseshoe looks amazing welcome to the horse club [Music]

let's you this horse first remove the menos [Music] now remove the old shoe clean brush it [Music] you're doing great trim excess booth flaw [Music] take the rats and fire wow it's Golden's secure shoe in its place with nails it's almost done remove the nail tips stretch it [Music] voice is ready to ride [Music] welcome to the horse club [Music] Oh No I look terrible can you help me it's time to take a bath [Music] pop the bubbles [Music] and softer so please apply shaving cream [Music] now shave it [Music] let's take care of my beard [Music] shaving it feels great [Music]

by the facemask [Music] cucumbers for some freshness [Music] now let's wash my hair rinse it [Music] oh my I look great brush my hair please thank you so much now I am ready to get married welcome to the horse club this is splash can you take care of him brush off the dirt please apply shampoo great [Music] much better now brush his hair can you take care of his suits take a wraps and file it's perfect now [Music] splashes back in the sea can you decorate his home welcome to the horse club [Music] let's ride a horse got those golden apples [Music] good job you're very fast [Music] you're the best [Music] I had so much fun welcome to the horse club