13 March 2019

Fun Pony Care Game - Princess Gloria Horse Club 2 - Play Animal Care & Clean Up Makeover Games

Princess Gloria Horse Club 2 - Care & Makeover Fun 4+ By TutoTOONS Download link: ➔ iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1200771595 ➔ Play Android: ...

gloria horse club - hello

i am princess gloria come back every day and get more coins welcome to the horse club oh no I look terrible can you help me it's time to take a bath pop the boobies [Music] and softer so please apply shaving cream [Music] now shave it let's take care of my beer [Music] shave it it feels great [Music] apply the face mask [Music] cucumbers for some freshness [Music] now let's wash my hair rinse it oh my I look great brush my hair please thank you so much now I am ready to get married welcome to the horse club [Music] you clean the stables clean lunch batter [Music] sweep the floor don't forget the spiderwebs great now get rid of the dust it's good job you helped me so much welcome to the horse club

[Music] let's make a horseshoe first we need some sand mix it with water move it great now let's make a form now the phone please [Music] wait for a couple of minutes take a hammer hit it [Music] now cool it down horseshoe is done grades now brush it put the nails in please now hammer the nails remove the nail tips polish it to make it shiny wow you did it horseshoe looks amazing welcome to the horse club lets you this horse first remove the nose now remove the old clean the hoof [Music] freshen you're doing great [Music] trim excess mouflon take a rasp wow it's golden secure shoe in its place with nails [Music] it's almost - remove the mid tip brush it horses ready to ride welcome to the horse club this is silver take care of her please [Music]

brush your coats [Music] very good now Watchers [Music] apply shampoo she loves water very good now dry the clothes [Music] look how white she is [Music] sprinkle some magic dyes let's paint the hoop [Music] very nice [Music] good job she looks adorable now change her style the way you like super gorgeous [Music] welcome to the horse club let's ride a horse get those guns and apples [Music] good job you're very fast [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] welcome to the horse club decorate the church

like the candles I love flowers [Music] [Applause] Wow such a beautiful ring some final touches and weep nice crown apply lipstick please get ready for it kids [Music] you may now kiss the bride [Music] [Applause] collect the pebbles [Music] and they lived happily ever after welcome to the horse club