09 January 2019

Fun Puppy Care Game - Pet Makeover & Dress Up Beauty Salon - Play My Cute Dog Bella Games For Kids

My Cute Dog Bella - Take care of a fluffy puppy! By TutoTOONS Download ➤Google Play: ...

my cute dog Bella come back every day

[Music] welcome to Bella swirls Bella wants to have a doghouse let's pip first let's cut the logs let's make a wall you're doing great great [Music] now pizza looks amazing you built a beautiful doghouse welcome to Bella's world Bella is hungry feed her please first open the can great now pour it take a spoon and feed her it's time to clean it up use the sponge to wash it [Music] oh thank you you did a good job [Music] welcome to Bella's world let's decorate Bella's house first paint the floor good now the walls [Music] [Music] you did a great job now decorate it the way you like [Music] you did a great job now decorate it the way you're right wow it looks great thank you so much [Music] welcome to Bella's world let's take care of Bella lighten it now let's clean her ears

very good put in eyedrops please though now let's take a blood sample great put it under the microscope cut those germs he made ballast good job now let's listen to our hearts give Bella the pills prescribed by her doctor this job fella feels great [Music] welcome to Bella swirl tap to jump and come back toys are voice sounds and bushes have to jump and select toys avoid stones and bushes [Music] top to jump and collect toys avoid stones and push-ups [Music] [Music] you are awesome now Jason ladies are gone let's check your memories find two identical sick [Music] fantastic you are the best [Music] welcome to Bella's world let's change Bella's hairstyle first spray some water [Music] brush here please take the scissors and cut it [Music] great now brush it spray it

[Music] [Music] [Music] she looks adorable welcome to Bella's world let's dress Bella up first let's make a nice collar great looks amazing [Music] the job now dress her up perfect Blayne thing goes in perfect Wow [Music] bling-bling very nice golden egg thing be beautiful Wow lovely be beautiful welcome to Bella's world the more you play the more fun is you get welcome to Bella's world my cute dog Bella [Music]