09 January 2019

Funniest Guilty Pets - The Most Guilty Dogs and Cats

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what is all over your face what would

you do [Music] Lucy Lucy did you do that baby did you chew up this piggy did you do this that's what I thought who made this mess who did it who did this and guilty Lucifer what did you do did you get in the trash evidence is in your mouth what did you do he tore up the paper cap and so because he tore up the paper towel he's clean up all of it nope did you do what did you do what is this look at it easily oh my mail look what you did you eat that one too Mike Michael Schenker what what happened what happened to your bag did you do this Maddie no you didn't do this man you know major Gracie did you do it I think you did it wasn't you you know it was bad no yo you know it huh how can I Steve me ate at you did you eat that bread man who ate the controller monka monka troll who eat that who eat that one did you eat that one is a hue did you eat these so I just got home from work and they ran outside and for

some reason they had feathers on their faces I'm very disappointed in you you know you're not supposed to be up there freaking ridiculous Cassius look at that guilty face you know what you did look did you eat my lipstick who was it did you eat all of the English muffins what did you do would you do over here hey what's the matter with you what'd you do autumn you made a mess you tore up your bag what do you think toe toe homie look at me you did it oh goodness who did that with you were you did you do that did you do that did you make that mess no buck Chester what is all this what is all this what are you to say for yourself huh what is this what is this possess you burger look at it was this you did you do this look at it did you do this was this you who made this mess what did that [Music] Shaboom what did you do Milo what is this what you do look at me Milo look at me seriously

look at me Rosie did you eat the blanket Rosie Rosie you know better did you eat the mangoes did you get in the trash Gretchen uh-huh Remy did you do this did you where's this here where you going did you make this mass huh and so I walk into the bedroom and the first thing I see is the mess the second thing I see is this one stuck in his bed and I was wondering who was making the mess I think I found my culprit are you stuck big boy huh are you stuck do you silly boy get over here what did you do oh you were a bad girl the pencils at home and this is the mess that I find so of course when I'm gonna go and find the guilty one that little dummy okay I do not understand who is guilty either she is or she is which one has the everything I really wonder I am just wondering which one of the evidence I got home to this wonder who did it what did you do you got into this dump and then you got the tie wrapped around your neck so we caught you in the dump and you can't escape hmm anything to say for yourself guilty dog chewing up all the stuff on

the floor a little nutrigrain bar there this morning huh guilty party nothing to say who did it who did it Roxy who did it oh did you do this was that did you do this Bella look at me Bella was this you