09 January 2019

Funny and Cute Dogs 🐶🐶 Funny Guilty Dogs Reaction (Full) [Funny Pets]

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this did you do this hi share face in

shame [Music] [Applause] [Music] did you eat your bed to do with your bed Chloe see what your bed did you reach your bed did you meet your bed did you make it that way Yahoo and you're naughty Johnny Bob honey don't you honey I don't dare did you chew on the car they did you do this did you do this except then there's this what happened Berkeley you get into the bag of Halloween candy hmm are you stuck did you do this gee don't eat the crowns why are you doing that don't do that you got can you look at me did you do this I don't think you did we're about you Gabby Gabby Gabby yeah you want a snack oh you listen all the sudden huh you're going to be in big trouble when Eric gets here Eric is gonna come and he's gonna get so mad and where is trooper trooper did you get in the garbage what

there you go just a sock that's what you got I thought you had something different than that like a mouse or something come walk come on again come here what is wrong with you Mitch come here can't you walk faster come here what did you do huh look at that face it see it Kylie was this what is this no don't lick it did you do this did you do this I know you did it cuz I don't have any other dog that does this it's that a bad girl you can't even look at me cuz you know this isn't your toy is this your toy hmm hmm look at me what did you do why did you mess up mommy's lipstick let me see you look at me and i'm daniele huh what happened what did you do so I owe you the kitchen smile did you crap in the kitchen huh yeah what did you do did you crap in the kitchen for him cause he up wha kissed Otto Geist Otto is talking for Augusto because could easily kiss not on [Music] [Music]