16 March 2019

Gerbils - Daily care, diet and health

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I'm going to show you how I care for my gerbils so I'll tell you every day my routine so I have a rota it just tells you everything I give them on each day so you can just read them if you want to pause the video up in this corner I have a list of stuff that I want to buy for them I want to buy them a wheel some treats and sent you toys so the average day of me feeding my gerbils I usually do it in the evening sometimes I might do it in the morning I usually start off giving them some fruit or veg then I might give them some treats so I'm just gonna get some treats so these are the treats I'll use [Music] you hey guys so when I give these trips to the gerbils I usually put them in the bowl or hide them around the area so I'm gonna hide one up here and one in the bowl down here next I'll give them some hay I use it for them to nest in so I might sprinkle it over in one area and they can play with that then I refresh their water next I will give them some food so just pull that food into the bowl and there you go so there are two types of feeding you can scatter feed or

you can feed them form a ball so I use the ball sometimes I'll just gotta feed which means you just sprinkle the food into their enclosure this is scatter feeding is ball feeding okay so I also gave the gerbils I find this is quite important as they use it to nest in and shred it up for fun so gerbils teeth constantly grow and you don't over grow otherwise that can cause medical problems to avoid this you can give them cardboard tubes or corrugated cardboard or even just plain cardboard make sure that the cardboard doesn't include ink you can also buy to toys and special to blocks make sure you always have a hideout inside the enclosure I have this log over there I also have some stones which they hide and hide under there's even a bowl there for them to hang out in I would recommend giving them fresh fruit or veg every few days or maybe even every other day also remember to hold your pets often okay guys I hope this video helped you out if it did please hit the thumbs up button and also leave any suggestions for other videos and any questions you

have please leave them in the comments down below okay guys enjoy the keep pet clips and I'll see you all next time bye [Music] [Music]