24 July 2011

German Shepherd Pet Dog GSD 101 Best K9 Pet And family Dog Breed Alsatian

http://petherald.com The German Shepherd Dog AKA Alsatian is a big breed dog that is strong and very intelligent which make them easy to obedience train.

with handsome noble good looks the

German Shepherd was the original canine movie star but from the silver screen two silver stars German Shepherds lead the way as police dogs experts estimate the breed accounts for over eight thousand deputy dogs German Shepherds are just fearless I mean they would be the first dog to take a bullet for you to members of our military and police force German Shepherds like officer Hogan's canine dasty are more than a dog still yeah I considered a see a police officer he's actually asked to do more than I am sometimes and he puts himself in great danger the german army captain max von steven its first registered a german shepherd in germany in 1899 the dog was the result of careful breeding to develop an ideal service dog the captain's motto was utility and intelligence arguably the most versatile of all of the working breeds yeah that's the way the German Shepherd was almost immediately put 2 wide use serving the German army in World Wars 1 & 2 they were one of Hitler's dogs dogs of war returning American GIs brought back tales of the breeds prowess they were impressed by their bravery and brought a few of them home but Hollywood

loved the handsome Bree and the German Shepherds fought their way on to the silver screen he think of rin-ten-ten everyone relates to him how intelligent that dog was when rin-ten-ten first premiered in silent films in the 1920s he received over 10,000 fan letters a week and saved Warner Brothers from financial ruin they're very athletic extremely intelligent you can train them to do almost anything the German Shepherd is bred with versatility beginning with a double layered coat they have a very dense under coach so there are very good all-weather type of dog color varieties include the standard white and tan all black and in recent years even white this breed also has pointed alert ears but as puppies the ears are floppy and this is actually very close to the wolf wolf puppies are born with floppy ears check out the bushy slightly curved tail there are rumors that occasionally they back cross a wolf into the breed Dutch breeders did cross wolves into the bloodline in the 1920s but the result dogs could not be domesticated yet police are thankful for one wolfy hangover that long muzzle the better to

track you with with the capability to exert up to 238 pounds of pressure the German Shepherd has a bite that is second only to the rottweiler and power when that jaws snap shut the six upper incisors meet the six lower incisors in a devastating scissor grip but the real utility of the German Shepherd to police work is not the fierce bite it's the discipline to stop when told host this gives the officer an option to use force without using his gun I can actually call the dog back to me if I made a decision to use a firearm I can't call that bullet back the German Shepherd can tow the line with the best of them but like most working stiffs he's a big softie at heart every German Shepherd is unique but in general the German Shepherd is a healthy dog although the breeds body does wear down over the years German Shepherds are legend for having hip displays here for a grooming watch out you will find clumps of fur everywhere adaptability is this dogs middle name you could have a German Shepherd in an apartment as long as you exercise them regularly the German Shepherd heads the canine list as the number one biter so early training

is important but with the proper guidance love and attention these dogs make loyal pets these dogs want to please they want to please so you give them the least bit of encouragement they're going to be all over you and making you a really happy person the German Shepherd is a loyal wonderful family dog but Outsiders be where they're just so protective of what they consider their their pack or their family the German Shepherd is very adaptable and generally healthy but beware of bad breeding it sheds heavily is one of the easiest breeds to train and makes for a great family dog