25 February 2013

German Shepherd Puppies 4 months old. Prufenpuden Bloodlines Protection Obedience Trained

www.protectiondogsales.com Another outstanding litter of German Shepherds out of Prufenpuden bloodlines. No American Bloodlines and four generations ...

okay this is the Pepsi Dirk litter they

are now four months old this is a gorgeous litter of puppies tremendous breeding the genetics on this litter is phenomenal four generations deep into proof and putting bloodlines on the damn line and I know the male as well-trained entitled him and the grandfather so this is a line we know a lot about we're going to run some individual protection video of them soon but right now we're just going to show you a little bit about their Drive as a group every one of these dogs of strong powerful dogs and we're going to demonstrate that right now this is Hays very dark beautiful male powerful strong barking dog' tons of confidence super super nice young dog not a weak puppy in this litter all of these dogs have strong drive down grips we're just going to write them all real quick everyone I'm physically tough we'll be training them to out before you know it so that's a this is Sonya black and red FINA for just a little bit very very intense doe something rifle put lots of confidence wore blue temperament on this bitch and over super heavy bone go Anna Lord that's bitch's largest where just female start very nice physically tough well

that's just beautiful everyone beautiful Axl I don't know never a pretty red coat really like this little bitch this is Quincy easy grey your steps a1l same things out over here really could dark past right gorgeous features tons and tons of Drive very very nice young bugs going to be a gorgeous male beautiful coat softest cotton just sound like a broken record because I like every piece this is Leonard our funding seers are going to be perfect so they're going to stand up normal this is very typical for Shepherd at this age Oh hard crushing bite on one then physically mentally rough kind of hate rushing on like this but this only way to put together a little video talk here for 30 minutes and this is real one in the bunch super pro personal style and obedience loves people wants to be with people great with other dogs just a so sweet loving little dog I just enjoy taking her for walks but yet powerful trying to drive nothing you can say about this dog it's not positive just smaller than the rest and that's a plus for a lot of dogs owners some don't need a 85 pound German Shepherd in their house this little female maybe be 60

pounds full-grown it's going to look a lot like our mother acts like our mother Pepsi so you can see video and google proof and putting bloodlines all you want so there you go run through them all again just so you can see them while they're standing calm Lyndon Quincy Liza Sonia can hardly see her she's a dark some haze hoghead Hays going to be gorgeous okay Betsy Dirk litter