19 January 2019

Get a calendar & help local animal welfare groups

Independent pet shops in Portland have teamed up to create a 2019 calendar that benefits local animal welfare organizations. #TonightwithCassidy.

oh my gosh everyone should be able to

compliment somebody every day that was our adulting challenge for this week but it goes all the way through Monday just try to give someone a compliment one day you got hole we gonna do it and join our Facebook group it's called kicking it with Cassidy and let us know the compliments you're giving people now speaking of compliments I could compliment all these wonderful people here and all these adorable dogs guys we have four dogs in the studio this may be H night with Cassidy record and I mean we can just do this every day but it is for a reason because local independent pet shops have teamed up to actually give back to local animal welfare groups and you can actually help and have a lovely decoration in your home that will remind you what day it is and what year it is if you're like me and you keep saying 2018 no it is 2019 it is the Portland independent PET SHOP pet shop calendar and you are holding one right now so we have a couple of pet owners also some rescue dogs that guys you could adopt we have dogs in the studio that you could actually adopt and some of the models from the calendar and some local pet shop owners so what inspired

you guys to create this calendar well we just decided that it was time for us to really work together we've always been collaborative with each other we know that it's very important for pet owners to find their local independent pet supply store to answer all their questions and we're in all the neighborhoods we thought why don't we just work together and see how we can kind of get the word out that we do exist and we all have felt the the online sales and things that have changed the way people do shopping we wanted to kind of remind people that we're here for them so you also of course are reminding the dogs that you are here for them right because actually each of the local pet shops that you can purchase the calendars that shows a different animal welfare that the money goes to right absolutely in fact Jody is representing one of the one of the local charities that we are going to be donating towards with underdog Railroad rescue and these two dogs these two guys that you're holding right here this is Micah oh my gosh and this is Morrell and they both are available for adoption oh my gosh how old are they - okay

they are not no but these two down here yeah because of course every month has to have a picture of a different dog and who are these lovely puppies down here this is Parker yeah this is Nancy's dog and this is Eleanor she's our October model Oh how did you decide which dog would be for which month oh it was difficult was it oh my gosh there were hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of pictures to choose from and they were all so good yeah how did you actually pick the pets that went in there in general how did you find the photos we put it out to our customer my god each store I put it out to our through social media to our own customers and so each store chose their favorite picture from the ones that came to them and so each page in the calendars is sponsored by a different store and each one picked a different rescue to support you run the star he's like don't show other pictures of the other end what month is Parker well he's actually not he's just oh he owns three pet stores but he does represent a really amazing rescue from where the pixie pod pixie project of course he found the pixie show that yes that's I think that's what he was trying

to say he was true so we are halfway through the month of January but there's still a few calendars like where can people go to get them well from a 13 local independent pet supply stores that are in this calendar so the filling station Pet Supplies Green Dog specify and Salty's hmm look at all of them yeah if you take a picture of your screen they're $15 and then yes it actually goes back to health dogs cats any other kind of pets on that luncheon care dogs next year we'll probably get some more it's super Portland with Nick and like a llama an orangutan who knows thank you guys so much thank you all for joining us you've been so wonderful you can all stay forever we can adopt a couple dogs right really yeah totally producer Christian says yes perfect they could