08 October 2016

Get Medical Bills Paid For You and Your Pet With No Insurance

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okay hi did a bunch of research on

trying to find it dental clinics you know that are the free low-cost I'm sliding scale oh you know alternatives they have you know depending on how much money you have is how much they're going to charge now all these things that are going to show you particularly clinics call before you show up at all I mean that's why because a lot of this stuff it is in it every case is different everybody is different every organization even though they say something on the website or whatever it's different when they talk to you so call up bonds where they start with it the the first group here is really nonprofit organizations yeah we go they're the ones that really have the sliding scale people that are in business they they just want top dollar you know all the time so we have here is nonprofit organizations government organizations or whatever not do these things you know to really help people and not make money so that they have other kinds of funding to help them okay you see I have a link for every program that I have here some of them the list later you may in the duplication so just ignore it or whatever but the best way

to find out anything is by contacting them directly even though you know you don't think they will help you you never know your contact anyway and also when you contact them the way because there's a lot of sources in here everyone you talk to ask them where they think is the best place for you to go because they know better than you would know where I would know or anybody else from the outside looking there into this every day helping people every day and so they would be able to point you even better yeah then I can't what I could do it has give you a list a possibility so you don't go to google and see you know 20 million of them so we got a couple dozen here for you look at your urban health plan yeah the dental clinic at kips bay don't know that bronc care dental services you know some of these are hooked up the hospital some are not brawn community health clinic there's a bunch there oral and dental surgery these look like classy places too so they're not people in some of the garage trying to do a real cheap Morris Heights Dental now here's it he hears him in a database of 90 49 other places so these are I guess

less popular ones look in there some of them may be redundant or whatever but check them out anyway now here's some other three services to veterans day they have a thing for veterans and there's a source to follow up if that applies to you and now the dental there's two universities in town there that have dental clinics so they're worth contacting and just you know they have sliding scales and maybe in free stuff too and there to actually they're both in my hat and I believe yeah NYU and the other one is Columbia and then there's a mission of mercy that the dental professionals have now they have what they do is go on what's called a mission of mercy and they really a set up for two days or whatever and you got to find out they don't have a date yet on the next one so keep in touch there if you want to do that now here's in your state now the 31 the 311 you can always call 311 as a backup to this stuff now what they will give you is this list here of dental clinics and there's about 20 30 of them right here you know you're good follow-up gone and they also tell you you know about their details herb is just for seniors or

whatever it is and you never know what what age starts for being senior because actually under the law senior started 40 because that's what age discrimination starts but every program is different so it's worth doing now here's a database of clinics health and dental for all over the country you could use that database and here's a law you should know about it is that there's some hospitals that have to treat you for free because they got government money at one time and that was the deal people can't pay the bills they gotta treat you for free so going to there you can find the hospitals in there and also free prescription drugs I hope you realize even if you're on a health care plan and you can't pay for your prescription drugs there's other programs and this is a main database of that to find out now also crowdfunding crowdfunding is I think one like the hottest thing so making money it's easy it's simple no credit checks yeah and it's really people on the internet that give you money to solve problems it's a real cool thing and I think it's one of the biggest growth things there there's the main ones there's people watch those

videos of people who run these sites so they tell you how it works then you have sample people who have done it run campaigns there's a couple here for dental and other kind of services yum personal things that you need money for and then I say I have a database of 700 videos of people who range successful campaigns I've been inverted these people for last three years so that's interesting for you to get knowledgeable on those things and also be with there's a non-profit something called modest needs that's an interesting website where people who are just you want to help other people and it costs nothing to put your you have to be qualified there so you fill out a form see if you can put a thing up there and then people give you mean assault money to solve your problem now here pet health care man yeah I know if you have a better not but that sometimes more than then people health care so there's places to get that for free too so that's the place of a bonus of fifty videos go through those videos there are all kinds of ways to make money save money and whatever on the internet government programs or whatever so I just collected a bunch of

50 to give you some bonus stuff well thanks for using us and I hope this helps