02 September 2017

Ghost Activity Caught on Tape! Ep 2 - Haunted House Sitters Adventure

Seems like while Mom and I were enjoying the Eclipse, Mya Papaya was dealing with whatever leftover energy our last ghost has left behind... Subscribe: ...

okay so that was interesting I saw like

the freaky looking happy face with crossed out eyes and I've watched all of Sunshine's latest video so that's definitely what it looked like I mean it was definitely missing its signature hat and while it's body I don't know what that means though that could mean that like it doesn't have as much power to appear if the loose each isn't nearby I mean if she's like a hundred miles away on a trip with her mom then like what reason does the ghost have to fully materialized I mean I don't know it's probably just messing with me so there's that but looking around the house I mean everything looks pretty normal kitchen looks normal there seems to be a couple places where the ghost likes to appear okay one on the stairs usually her mom acts kind of possessed so there's that and then I remember in the kitchen there seem to be more appearances from Ana than anyone but I'm gonna check some of the closets out okay [Music] all right it's freaky make definitely the morning going to deal with that that was super creepy haven't seen that

since you know Paranormal Activity or two or the sixth sense or whatever it is that they did that in super scary um I think I'm gonna go out of the house for a little while and and run an errand in town I just I feel like running some errands so just I'm gonna go okay bye hey everybody so I thought I would run by Nolan's apartment I know that we haven't seen him or Victoria for a really long time and by we I mean like the collective we that are watching Sunshine's videos I know that sunshine isn't like actively looking for them right now I mean they're both as far as we know ghosts and they just kind of come and go when they please and since we haven't seen them you know if we haven't seen them since New Year's you know I know she would be trying to film them if they were back so and I've you know I've asked her and she hasn't seen them and so we don't really know why they disappeared or what but and I know this is such a long shot but I thought I would run to Nolan's apartment and just see if he was home I mean I don't do it I don't even know if the guy is like alive or a ghost or what but if a ghost were to settle down somewhere I mean

wouldn't he go back to his own apartment so like what's that all about I don't think it's kind of bright so I can't really see what's happening so hopefully I'm getting this right now so yeah I just I'd do like a quick you can kind of see you like what's going on here can you see that I honestly can't tell it's so bright out here summertime I don't know what I expected I mean I only met in the womb like once it wasn't like anything I videotaped it was a long time ago I don't even know if it was like before after their road trip where the whole like thing happened you know the I don't remember such a long time ago okay bye guys