16 November 2015

Giveaway: $70+ Worth of Pawsitive FX Dog Care Products

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hey guys it's Samantha from top dog tips

here with another great people way for you if you remember a few weeks ago we were able to give away a prize pack from positive effects and we are lucky enough to have another one for you if you go on to our Facebook page or our Twitter feed you'll find the posts for this giveaway if you retweet it if you like it if you share it if you comment on it you're going to entered into the giveaway you can also comment on this post below underneath the article and you will be entering the giveaway you can enter once a day until I do the drive on November 27th and if you're lucky winner you're going to get three tins of product and also one quarter ounce tube of product what you're going to receive is happy stamps which is um first of all let me just say that all of these products are all natural so that's really great they won't bother your skin won't bother your dog's skin and again you'll get happy sounds which is a healing and moisturizing balm for your dog smell when he gets that dry chapped skin on the smell you're also going to get happy paws and strong paws happy paws is that same type of moisturizing balm that's specially formulated to heal your dog's

cracked dry chapped pads on his paws and you are going to get startled cause which is a actually a wax not a bomb and after you have healed your dog's pads and they're back to normal and they're looking good you can use this wax every day and just put a thin coating on your dog's paws your the pads of this pause let it soak in and it will protect him from all of the elements whether it's hot asphalt in the summertime or snow ice any of those de-icing salts chemicals that they use in the wintertime and hit up stuff it will protect your dog's pads from all of that so that's really really great that all of these products come in the two outs terms which are very easy to use they're also a much larger quantity which is nice if you've got the multi dog household or you use these products daily like we do it's just our ten you pop it right open rub your finger rub it on your dogs of course pause and it's that easy so the tins are great again there are larger quantity so that's really nice to have on hand if you're using them favorite link if you win this giveaway you're also going to receive one to one

quarter ounce tube all of these products the strong cause the happy paws and the happy snouts all come in these tubes we have the strong pause tube to include in this giveaway and it's the exact same product it's just like a chapstick you pop the top off roll it up a little bit rub it on your dog style rub it on his paws whatever you need and you're good to go so these are a little bit easier to use with dogs who aren't as cooperative when you're trying to rub you a finger all over there knows what I do with our dogs is I wait until they're sleeping for two reasons one because it's a lot easier when they're sleeping to just take the tube and rub it on or coat my finger and just rub it on really quick while they're resting and they're not going to fight me as bad and 42 usually you should leave these products on for 15 or 20 minutes to soak in before you let your dog run and walk around you really want them to get soaked into their pads and to their snow and also I've noticed that if you don't let them sink in enough when your dog either walks or rubs on any kind of a cloth material you're going to get those little grease stains so I try to do a

little our dogs are sleeping but you can try whatever you like and let me know how they work for you again you can enter the giveaway by going to our Facebook page our Twitter feed or commenting right here on our website underneath this post you can enter once a day and I will do the drawing on November 27th for one lucky winner who will receive this prize pack valued at more than 70 colors from positive effects thanks guys and good luck