07 November 2018


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hey guys good morning it's Saturday 9

a.m. and I went to the gym I had breakfast and I feel super productive so the plan was to go to Costco and Walmart but Walmart which is like a 45-minute drive out of my town and I'm just like not feeling it I don't want to contrive all the way there but I heard that there's a dog show today and I lost it there's a dog show probably gonna go check it out so that's the plan it's at around 12 o'clock I'll probably go have lunch with one of my friends we're at this coffee shop [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay thank you so much guys I was making sure this isn't a turkey and not ham and then she got the same thing no actually she what did you get oh my gosh that was the best sandwich in my entire life guys so I said let's go for a walk because the weather is nice it's crazy I am looking quite sick because I am feeling sick my throat is hurting my ears are hurting because of the walk that we did we plan on walking downtown and then I was like I'm not having it No and this scratched myself I arrived home like an hour ago now I'm gonna go to the

dog show we're gonna go check it out I don't know anything about it so I don't know when it starts or of those like an entrance fee I'm over you down and my throat is killing me it's like it's done it's giving up on me and I don't know why [Music] and I just wanted to say that I apologize for the amount of times I have used oh my gosh and cute I cannot believe a human being can use these words as much as I did so I apologize for that I was just living in the moment and they were actually breathtaking so yeah I just thought I would say that because I know it's it's annoying editing and hearing myself repeatedly see those words so enjoy guys were here Oh [Applause] do these a lot no okay oh really yeah I like to say annoying but this is beautiful oh my gosh - I see so these are kennels docsteach was like - that is a beautiful one hands right there oh my god is that a puppy oh my gosh I want all of them in my house and now like I just like don't

leave this is where they see what yeah because of these size usually people are just terrified of his size know what I used to think of his big dogs are all little dogs to me for a Great Dane he's he's a bigger one this is overwhelming so this is the kennel and this is where each contestant has their dogs set up in there with chairs and all their stuff so each one and it's sad but it's also cute we're gonna go see a movie after this really they hate and give with madmen Amandla Stenberg it's not about lucky i heard it's gonna be really good movie so again we'll see that so yeah it's like yeah suck you suck you [Music] he's beautiful [Music] oh no it's raining it's raining yay those vegetable dogs well you never know that's how you can tell that's interesting [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we're here we're gonna watch they hate you give really good movies [Music]

very sad movie [Music] this movie [Music]