08 May 2018

Good bunny vs bad bunny grooming

Angora rabbits are bred to be calm, compliant animals so that you can groom them easily. If they aren't, it can be hard to take care of them. The following shows ...

this is miss Tootsie

absolute darling doll of her former owner my friend Bonnie got six bunnies from Bonnie toad sees pretty good she is also kind of Wiggly she's gonna bump the camera this is I think this might be focus you know that yeah you can see that brush okay and I just hit the high spots here okay we're gonna try and move the tote so there's not much that came off of her I don't expect there to be she just just had a haircut her neighbor likes to spray on her I'm just not that great I do have a barrier between them but they move the barrier every day digging we dig to China something this is a very large grooming table normally we don't do grooming tables this large so if I want her to sit for when I want to comb she will actually sit because she is a very good bunny who likes this attention so we're just good at the ears to make sure we don't and I do this very very lightly like that pulled I don't want to pull on her ears at all so if we run into a knot I will just clip it off they aren't show rabbits so I don't put up with knots because they are fiber bunnies and nuts are no fun for anyone

and I don't do this very often because if he brushed their ears all the time then they're going to actually lose the hair on their ears but that is a very nice good bunny and usually with her come here sweetheart I can just tip her right over and hold her like a baby she likes to be held like a baby so I got my hand is supporting her bum and you get the full bum view there I apologize sometimes there's poop involved but she likes to be held like a baby and we're just gonna do a little bit grooming and if she wants to get up all she has to do is roll away so this is a nice good bunny girl who is very compliant and wonderful and twits he lets me clip her nails and everything and get a little twitchy when we do the feet I'd be twitching if somebody was playing my thing - okay so let's type the stuff right here you can sometimes pull the hair you want to pull the hair away from the object but usually I just clip notice the scissors are in an angle away from her body so that your body doesn't get hurt she's got a little bit of a mat there I'll just get rid of that I'm not terribly concerned about the hair on her

legs usually I keep their legs trimmed pretty good okay so that's a good bunny that's a wonderful sweet awesome bunny and I'm just gonna hold her for a little bit tell her how much I love her give her kisses and Pat's because she is such a good bunny say bye bye - see this is mr. Reese who is a little less than a year old he actually may be a year old they were born in May of last year all from the same litter that was took his Tootsie's full brother and he does not like to be groomed quite as much as Tutsi does I just take grow him like yesterday but I wanted to show a rabbit that does not sit still for grooming so again we're just gonna hit the highlights here because I did groom him yesterday he's actually being really good can we maybe come over here so that I can do your face on camera well that's yours chin rubbing says this is my this is my thing whoops this is my thing right here he does not like to have his cheek he's done one of the reasons why these little ends are so important no no okay that's yours too that's yours okay one of the reasons why these little ends are so important is

because when you saw that he has I kind of bumped against that oh here we go we're gonna we're going to destroy the grooming table destruction of the grooming table commence but high house mr. Reese how's my vici rabbit so he doesn't like being turned over whoa see now I don't want to force him to stay there because I don't want him to twist his back so his health is more important than getting the grooming done but part of his health is he's got some maps on his underarms and chest and so that's important that is important don't bite we don't bite hey how's my mr. Reese okay so what I've done I think you can see it as I've tucked his ears let me see am I gonna orient this I've tucked his ears into my elbow and so kind of turning him upside down and I've got a hold of them on controlling his head and usually I can get two or three clips well not even one all right now I did not let him explode out of my arms I controlled where he was moving and now I'm going to let my bunny go all right so we're still on trust-building we're gonna dig to China now yep dig to China and he's gonna get frustrated with me because we just did this yesterday I

know I know no cares with Matt I knew I'd be getting there I'm sorry for the bunny bucks on here again I'm clipping with the scissors at an angle away from his body I don't ever want to clip at the same angle as his body because I don't want to hurt my bunny so he's got a big mat right here which he may or may not let me get to nope this is not a compliant rabbit Hey how are we doing no bud so we had a bit of a boo-boo with mr. Reese I didn't realize that his sister could get her nose out of her cage this little bum decided to stick his face in his sister's cage he got hurt a little bit for his trouble okay let me go oh nobody nobody no-nobody so what I'm doing right now is I've secured him with my hand underneath his leg and then I've also put my hand over his his jaw right there very gently and then I got my finger and thumbs around his ears he doesn't like this okay but I'm not hurting him and he's not going to get hurt so this is a fractious little boy who has not experienced a whole lot of grooming in his life all right say

bye-bye mr. Ricci you