02 November 2019

Got a Smelly Pet? Part 1: Bathing your Dog a "Tutorial"

petbathing #howtobathyourdog #petbeauty #maintainingyourdogscoat #smellypet Do you have a Smelly Pet? I can Help. This is a New Pet Series that I am ...

hi this is Janice welcome to my channel

today I'm gonna groom miss Rosie here she's one of my Pomeranians and she needs a bath and blowout desperately and what I wanted to start doing this have a series of how to keep your doggy beautiful and between professional grooming I always advocate professional groomings when necessary I am a retired professional groomer I've been grooming oh gosh I'm 69 I started at 16 so I did take some breaks now and then but anyways if you want to see my tips and tricks how to maintain your doggies fur in between professional grooming please stay tuned [Music] today she's not real feel about this is she she's hugging me she doesn't mind really she just ya know it's a process they have to go through and they do get used to it so it's really a sizable and encouraging for you to do as often as you can so they get used to it so I am at my kitchen sink I don't have a professional set up here at my home I do have a room where I can groom them but I don't have a bathing room yet I save my dishwashing bottles I really

like these for making dog shampoo what I do is pretty make my shampoo and I do it as I need it I don't do it ahead and let it set because if you make it I had time let's set first several weeks or days or whatever it goes rancid it's slimy only way you could avoid that if you use distilled water so I make it as I need it also it's warm for them and right now I'm using Quadra pet shampoo it's 100 nano and organic this is the protein concentrate shampoo and I'm going to go ahead and just go ahead mix them in here and you don't need a lock this is actually tells you on the back what it should be well yeah it does mix one part shampoo eight parts water so I kind of guesstimate that so I might add more water to this you don't need much this is heavily concentrated and you should not use it on your pet full-strength because it's it's more harsh because it's made to dilute and will be below in the comment section of some of the sites i recommend to buy shampoo for pets but you can also get it at your local pet store [Music] as you see I've got her restrained to the faucet it's pretty heavy-duty so it

can handle it and of course I have access to professional leagues and restraints all right you always wanna make sure your water is not too hot there normal comes through the husband one so you don't want to go anything above that back maybe a little below I don't really know how much is just so it's warm they get overheated you are very hot down I got it right here fixed a minute if I can you think guards all right Venus bears yucky I'm gonna go ahead this Phillips and water in the sink it's easy it's kind of bitter wet to kick so while to get these guys with Derek's double coating three so it takes a while to get it good and wet she's going to enjoy this eventually and being my faucet doesn't work are mine Springer doesn't work for good I grabbed them saw come and help me out I will use it a little bit but she's really overdue for this aren't you sweetie a lot of things to help get him wet this shampoo helps break down the oils so the water will penetrate easily easily we're going to move it on [Music] [Music]

a new place to do is if you have a laundry room hit laundry see I used to be but this house is I have one I'm gonna put one in downstairs but I just like I said we just in Dirigo we're still doing upgrades turning the wiring is Hafsa crazy I'm trying to fix bad timing honey you have a shower down in the basement and that's work I being much Daniel it's really easy to be different there I could these guys but I like bending down so it's a matter of my convenience and comfort all right just gonna start cutting her up he just went gently massage and secret to overwhelmed room pet as a very good bath you want to make sure they get good and clean okay now this is like the main Sun Xena I at that first one was just to kind of break down dirt oils and I do have terrible shampoo this particular shampoo I am using is pretty safe but this is careless so normally I do dilute this but being I'm just doing her face and put a little tiny bit in my palm my hand not much that kind of wish it around like that and just kind of massage it now this is real gentle so it's not gonna hurt her knee if I get in

her eyes I should not hurt her these guys don't close your eyes and one of the main complaints of people being their dog groom is ie irritation from the shampoo nowadays shampoos are made very mild for the curlers so it's less likely to happen but more like you dirty cold water is grimy make sure you get all the fur go ahead your manesis water I like to keep any water so I just pick my son's up bigger you might get underneath their armpits chest area their bellies the chin your feet and your legs toes every little nook and cranny [Music] [Music] and rinse and ice girl [Music] I am going to use a pulse condition here on hers it's like a few shutters helps Lucifer so I can't get it blown out so this is my conditioner I pre-made this I do this 7 to 1 and it is you're still quadratic and is the Sophie leave-in conditioner however I'm not going to leave it in you

can but if you do leave it in I would die doing it quite a bit more [Music] all right you just want to be quite liberal with this very kiss skin what this product does it helps release the roots follicles so it sheds out and that's what we're trying to get work for trying to deep pocket dog you shed that's what a lot of groomers call it just my saying it's not deep puffs but it's deep d shutting and you want to blow all the undercoat so you don't have Dave getting tangled and you have less mess in your home do that's enough that's all I really need I'm quite generous because she is overdue and she's got some knots in either your neck here that I've got a work on so maybe quite a girl turn the run here so I can get underneath you guys mama [Music] okay now I'm gonna massage it in for a few minutes and so does this magic oh yes I just wanted to tell you guys this part of common sense but then again sometimes we don't think it's just a strainer it helps keep your the dog hair

out of here out of your drain I can't think today all right let's sit down there for a few minutes I'm gonna go ahead and rank that out [Music] no penis this is a leave-in conditioner you don't have to be that thorough unless you font I am because I'm gonna add in another spray conditioner I really like for these guys and it's by the same company and a brand I mean larger pan is called all anyone and I love that stuff thanks swear by it yeah I already have that made up in the other room in your room room and I'll show that to you later I have this on how this warm setting from the water cuz and helps there's the soap release releasing the soap also it helps the Shetty first stop what it does it closes up dude when you call it a hair follicle serious refreshing [Music] so there is her bad got her set up on my little island here a big towel I'm gonna go ahead and just dry her up with a towel drying and let it kind of sit here in absorb and towel dry her and then what I'm gonna do nothing I grab her

sister and get her baby so I'm gonna put her in a crate we're just a warm dryer with a extra stunt dryer it's actually a fan blower it's not really is not you did what I'm trying to say just kind of start the drying process [Music] you [Music] I am showing you the detangling spray as an all-in-one conditioner it is a clear conditioner and it's a leave-in conditioner i dilute this quite heavily as you see i'm showing you how much concentrate I put in the bottom the rest is water just you dilute this quite a bit you do not need to put on full strength are thick and here is the bottle I of quater pet all-in-one conditioner this stuff does some magic not only does it help dry them a little faster it detangles them and he sheds them it works by loosening up their hair follicles it's just wonderful stuff here I'm just patting or dry some more and there is a big mat behind your ear that I'm gonna have to work on and this spray does help loosen that up so it's very painless here I go I spray it on quite a bit quite liberally and I'm I'm

massaging it and I'm kind of whipping around there aren't I yeah but you know you got again they're good and she does it mine she's such a good girl Oh mom what are you doing to me and what I do is I spray this in and massage it in and then what I'm gonna do is let her sit in a crate for a little while so this absorbs and where does is magic I'm just finishing up massaging the product in and she loves this massage I want to remind everyone to please subscribe smash that bath when you notification over the next part two is up which will be about drying and I will be hand drying power dry - fluffer indie shadow [Music] you