18 May 2018

GRANNY IN REAL LIFE! (Escape Granny Game Challenge)

Granny is a new mobile horror game and today we recreate it in real life! Watch as we compete in this Granny hide and seek challenge! ▻ SUBSCRIBE TO THE ...

hey what's up guys go to here so welcome

back to the new video before it starts I want to say we have a new channel and that's the realm if you love our real-life videos you want to check it out because we're gonna be doing some stuff like building a giant lego for it again maybe we'll try to do the pool again try to make a fool out of Legos who knows but this video that we did the greeny one was posted two days ago so if you want to see those videos before anybody else make sure you're subscribed we hope to hit a hundred thousand million subscribers now we're gonna hit 100k because you guys are gonna help us but that's pretty much it endure the video and subscribe to the realm for some more real-life content [Music] hey what's up guys Cody here welcome back to a brand new realm video see you guys have enjoying these real life challenges today we're doing something spooky and there right it has to do with grandma's evil spooky grandma yes so there's me a couple rules today it's based on the granny game we're gonna try and do a hide-and-seek with it cracking kids gonna be seeking or his granny's got a beard that is disgusting

dude granny's got a beer anyways the hiders will get bows those bows the game yes crossbow each bow will have three arrows it tranquilizes the grandmother for 10 seconds and gives you a chance to get away if she finds you it's gonna be just the first floor but we also have access to the barn if you want to see more videos like this be sure to leave a like I think we can do maybe 500 likes and we'll do another granny video in real blood would be cool and also the summer is gonna be amazing I cannot wait for more real life [Music] round number one starting now the best oh hi greenie get in the oven I'm gonna be camera girl and playing at the same time 30 seconds can we stick together don't want to stick together in the pantry it's not on the phone you like it yeah you just heard that Thanks okay yes we should sticking together come here me no dude you can't get away I'm scared mmm-hmm get away go in a closet this doesn't work this isn't good Kevin get away your people wing my position can gum come

outside [Applause] [Music] [Music] this is falling I can't hide in there I don't okay we're in a tiny bathroom a very tiny bathroom we shall hide in the shower oh look good you look very good today anybody home [Music] he's coming for you I know the stairs I think you've got trouble tomate the play okay getting mad I think it real they're playing around anymore show yourself I don't know you're in here I swear that boys [Music] [Music] yeah no he'll look at me creepy I don't hit you I will bow I eat with a bow a legless you the second run I'm gonna be greedy I miss shooting you you hit me barely pink this way yeah stop talking all right go hide in your office bud it smells so bad in here yeah that guy's just you yeah I'll be out here now you

can see Dan your office for 30 seconds it smells so bad in here guys oh we on our own 7 6 5 4 3 2 I'm sorry guys you're not gonna be able to see until he opens the door rubbish can I sit here the air already here you [Music] okay just kill me is anybody home yes just me the granny Rana Kumbha it's me why do you want to remember anything Britney wants to play Randy just wants to play nobody's up here granny's going downstairs you best be ready for me you want to be in the boiler would you oh we lock now green you know some secrets around here [Music] [Music] cranial good-x thrower I have no idea when he went [Music] [Music] he's not - I'm doing my trunk you oh god it's gross in here well I die in here Briona girls dress up brainy gave up [Music] grainy ran out of gas alright guys I

give up I can't I can't find him he's hiding so good I mean I rolled the tractor around it just ran out a guess what no all right you guys do want to see more videos like this be sure to leave a like it was pretty cool we're gonna knock tell cracking kid that we're done we're just gonna let him hide for the rest of his life he'll run the GoPro too though it's empty and then he'll come home I think but yeah the realm it's gonna have some awesome videos this summer so make sure you're subscribed if you're not already hit the notification button down below and you guys will never miss a video is gonna be I told you guys I wouldn't give up I told you guys I would give up [Music]