04 April 2018

Gregori Lukas, co-owner of Lukas & Berube Healthy Pet Market

April 1 - April 7, 2018, is our first annual National Raw Feeding Week hosted by Keep the Tail Wagging® During this week, I'll be publishing interviews with raw ...

hey guys it's Kimberly from keep the

tail wagging and I am here with Gregory Lucas of Lucas and Beru Bay out of New Jersey and this is for national rock feeding week and so thank you for joining me Greg Murray of course thank you so much for having me Kim how are ya I'm fantastic how are you thank you how's the weather it's nice it's it's kind of chilly today snow is kind of melting which I'm kind of happy about but yeah we got Sun so I'm like yay so um one thing that I notice about you and I you know been following you for a year now and just I'm so obsessed with you is that you are such a passionate person and I wanted you to tell everyone where does that passion come from and you know how did you build yourself into being just this super awesome person in our community I think it's it goes back to my that my days of being in a veterinary clinic and seeing stories and seeing pet owners desperate for answers in regards to chronic disease and things that are so preventable and we we have so many opportunities to be proactive in regards to how we are treating and feeding and taking care of ourselves most importantly but also our animals

environment that our animals are living in is reflective of how we live you know what I mean and when we're happy they're happy if we're sad they know that and if we're constantly in stress and times of whatever it's it's they they are our reflection and I think it's so important for us to stay positive and to have an outlook other than just what conventional veterinary medicine does and I refused to be in that box because there's only so many tools in the toolbox that you can use and utilize to make the world a better place so it was my opportunity to kind of present that and that's just who I am you know what I mean and do you see it's like I mean of course I see it but are you seeing as a pet store owner a shift when it comes to pet health and nutrition like as far as a shift to away from kibble and towards fresh food absolutely I see it every single day that's actually one of the most surprising things about now we've been open three months and in just those three months almost every single person that comes in the air has an Outlook of I know there's something better I don't know what it is or they do know what it is but they're

just not on it yet um to be able to kind of be a part of that shift in their mind of making it easier to understand what this whole world is about of raw food or just better food in general everyone's so receptive and it's such a huge thing but also we're still only 5% of this entire pet food industry so it's how can we keep that going and I think that's just natural progression is better for themselves so it like I said it reflects on the animal especially in this area and certain areas of the country where a population so many because we're ten miles away from the city Manhattan where its people are willing to spend not necessarily top dollar but more money on on their whole household as a whole so their kids their animals their homes they're essential oils whatever it may be that they're using in their home to make it a better place it's just it's awesome to see and with the people coming in I know that you have like an area where you can sit people down and talk to them and give them consultations what is like the most common complaint or frustration that you're hearing from pet parents I've shown you my section

where we answer section where you sit down with me that complaint I'll be a concern I guess just not really having a grasp on how much money it's gonna cost to make a switch I don't really hear complaints because owners see results I think it's more so they they're so stuck on okay it's been costing me this much just scoop of a cup of kibble out and pour it in the bowl I think it's more of it's not convenient anymore until they realize all it is is defrosting the night before in the fridge literally putting it out in the bowls and guess what your doggy sitting you're done maybe you have to wash Bowl is more frequently than you would the kibble but even that concerns me because we have R in Siddha tea and fats that go bad that are literally sitting on the edges of that bowl creating toxic a toxic world and we have reactions on the Chin's of outbreaks of allergies and all these different things that are accumulating in the dog's face just by the bowl so it's kind of an inconvenience more than a complaint I guess hmm but and you gotta just do what you gotta do right I mean I think it's fun to see my dog just grabbing every

side of his food if I put table in front of him I've done this just to see what happens kibble and raw food he goes for the raw food and doesn't touch the kibble it's like what about like health issues what are you seeing like when people come in and they're like you know I'm ready to do this what health issues are they bringing away so you know what I'm seeing a lot and it's kind of concerning and I've been reading a little bit more about this online of look just the amount of seizures that we're seeing right now I we have a handful of people of dogs on phenobarbital that are that are new seizuring animals they're not necessarily this from birth they have this defect it's it's almost a sudden onset so it's usually because owners have switched to new food and that food is literally triggering these seizures to occur it's okay I started this new food two months ago and only two days ago the seizures started okay let's address what's new in the environment first off if we've been to the vet and they haven't diagnosed specific causing issues let's go get the thing that they're not gonna ask you and that's

diet we Justin it's very much we've been open we have a few dogs that are no longer seizing because they they're on appropriate diet and that speaks volume I have chills on my arms every single day I think but also it's yeah the general obesity and arthritis and the den poel skin infections that you chronic ear infections the everything inflammations IBD we have it's everything that the vets look at every single day but they never address the root cause usually it's just that right here's this here's this little spray here's a here's the antibiotics here is it yeah and then when we can implement okay here's healthy probiotics to to give back that that healthy microbiome let's look at this supplement makes what that food and here's things we can do to finally be proactive instead of reactive you know it's it's I'm tired of the band-aids I want a result I want changes and I want these animals to be on the right track and that's why we're here and we can do that just through the power of what we offer here I just love what you're saying because it's like

just this morning I got one email from someone dogs suddenly develop epilepsy I got another message from someone who is giving their dog a prescription diet and they're just sort of like they want to combine it with fresh food like you don't have to and another important thing to say is I think it's not always a quick fix that's not what I'm trying to say I guess it's we have to work together with maybe a holistic veterinarian that agree or get us off medications appropriately not just taking peanut barbacoa out of the body because you do that slowly but it's it's what we can do in in conjunction together with more of a conventional outlook and that's when things really don't working yeah one question I'm seeing a lot in my group Lynn this is with new Roth eaters as their dog won't eat bone and she's sort of like they want to give their dog bone Rob meaty bones recreational bone but their dog eater doesn't know how to eat it or they're scared to feed them what do you tell people who are afraid of the bones I think it's okay this is a very interesting question because I think one of the most popular things in our story

now or Romani bones what people literally look at me like I had five heads when I'm saying hey let's come over to the freezer instead of buying maybe the bully sticks and the other things that go quick let's look at something a little more unconventional a little more interesting they're like oh my gosh what are you sure we do and usually when I get to the point of hey we're gonna clean the teeth with natural enzymes that are on these bones natural bacteria that's gonna really help facilitate a healthy mouth let's let's let's really help the dog be able to gnaw on something and that's not gonna disappear within 5 minutes getting jested and guess what the dog has diarrhea now I mean yeah that can happen with a bone but usually it offer wrong maybe going for 20-30 minutes take it away repeat so often throughout the week but I also say you know what when dogs eat raw bones and like you know it's much different than a cooked bone that can splinter caused a major digestive bleeding all these other crazy blockages but dogs I meant to handle these kind of things

can you as you know and it's they have Emma gasps it's so powerful to be able to completely annihilate it these bones it's I mean I've heard stories of dogs literally swallowing chicken bones and with raw ones and they do just fine you wash brush to the vet for x-rays and oh my god my dog I write this emergency surgery don't relax dogs not vomiting if we have any like lethargy from that the dog is not eating it for dogs still eating great like let's just relax like but of course there's an uncomfortable aspect when someone just doesn't know about something and you have to educate and you have to bring it slowly into their life and slowly into the dog's life and they do just fine and now they have pretty and over the past year just as a pet store owner as you know a influencer what have you learned about rafi eating that you know surprised you I have learned and this is very interesting about wrong feeding I think we think of it as a gender there's rough eating okay it's rough eating but so many people have these specific I want to say opinions about what's right what's wrong how much of this how much of that and I just say you know

what let's address I've said this to you on my last interview with you is let's just address the individual animal because I could say you know what let's feed answers to every single dog that walks in here but answers is not necessarily the answer for every single animal if we have issues of whatever maybe my dog can't handle a diet that I carry that I absolutely love but for some reason he just has explosive diarrhea every single time he eats it so I say you know what let's look at it like that instead of opinion opinion that's right this is wrong you're wrong you I hate you you know it was just chill out and address the animal in front of you and what works best for the animals all I care about I don't care about you I don't care about me I care about the animal and that's what's right for that animal and sometimes that takes time to figure out yeah so I think patience is something I've learned in this this world of raw feeding is we have to address and find what works best and that takes time on our end more than the animal and I think obviously we're the one providing that to the animal so we're patient again the animal reflects

what we are and that's how they respond I love that and finally I'm asking this from everyone because I find it fascinating where do you think 80/10/10 came from that's right my french but I just don't understand why like we're being so nitpicky like I said I understand we should have such amounts of fiber and such amounts of vegetation in a diet because again dr. carnivores not omnivores on herbivores so not supposed to have 50% vegetables in a diet but let's again whatever is working for that animal if an animal can't handle certain things then there's your answer I think there is a point of yes too much bone too much calcium too much there's too much that but chill out wonderful thank you so much for joining me this morning and tell people where they can find you um you just totally miss what I do is that well what I did I was just dancing being crazy okay you can find me pretty much every day I usually take three days off a week from the store but I'm in Montclair New Jersey with my business partner mark Berube at Lucas and Berube healthy pet markets and you can find me online you

can find me on our website Lucas and Berube calm lú kè is a nd PR you ve other than that I mean all over Facebook because I usually turn my face in everybody I'm kind of embarrassing but you're my my unofficial child and I adore you you could be in person at the upcoming summit in Albany with dr. Larry kosher you can see me at super zoo in July with Mark Ruby - June June it's in June this year are you gonna be going of course of course of course so many people are going this year it is going to be off the hook totally thank you so much for having me on Kim thank you so much for joining me this morning I was a whole bunch of energy for your early morning on the west coast Israelis I'm already three hours ahead of you girls so I will talk to you soon you