24 April 2019

Guardian Paws places service dogs with Veterans who live with PTSD

Guardian Paws helps place a dog or train a veteran's dog.

a local nonprofit organization is

helping veterans who live with PTSD Guardian pause help strain a place service dogs with vets 6 on your side's Ana Silver joins us live in studio with how it's helping change lives Don since the nonprofit launched Guardian paws has helped veterans in Idaho train and place those dogs and three of their dogs actually celebrated their birthdays in April and so they're using that to bring awareness to this organization those dogs know and those vets know they just learned this bond that's unmatched and I want to make sure that it's a forever bond tina de says the mission of Guardian paws is to advocate and educate a veterans right to use a service dog in order to regain independence she says she helps veterans either find a service dog or train their own if they're the right fit atlas helps nick when he Nick starts his PTSD starts to escalate at Liske used to Nick by hugging him and that's his sign of dad let's go they said she has cardiac arrhythmia and she says Aires alerts her before she's about to have an event Tina says she matches each dog to each person's unique personality and needs I got to the point where I couldn't walk

more than 20 feet without having issues than just having to walk the dogs and take care of something helped me a lot with that and pull through the organization works with any dog breed some of those breeds include English Mastiff German Shepherd Akita and boxer a phenomenal dog after 18 surgeries sometimes I have trouble getting up out of chairs I could brace often because he's over 200 pounds although Amanda Kaiser says she's not a veteran herself she does have PTSD she says her dog also helps her husband who is a veteran with PTSD my husband can now walk out the front door knowing that he's got back up and everyone smile huh it'll just be like I want I just want to go I want to go with you and that to me is amazing and members of Guardian paws say they want others to know they're not alone her family you know and that that's me that's good that's home recently three of those dogs had their birthday party and they're actually having a silent auction for the organization that runs through this Saturday at 5 p.m. and Tina dace also says that in October there

will be the first Guardian paws service dog run that will be benefiting vets and their dogs throughout Idaho live in studio Anna silver six on your side meteorologist Scott rovolon first look at weather oh boy hey yeah about that I I was out early this morning I said oh this is gonna be a good it wasn't chilly at all the snow no and it warmed up and it was too hot I know I heard you were early here saying that I'd like to believe you were kidding just a little bit yeah a little bit yeah this is nice and I think a lot of people have been waiting for this higher elevations I know you've still got some snow on the ground with all that snow but it is melting won't be long before the higher elevations start to enjoy some of the nice weather today though you had a little rain also this evening but certainly I mean you don't call that a rainy day when you get a little shower during the evening 75 degrees for some is the perfect temperature and that's 11 degrees above normal so it was warm today 91 back in 2012 so we can get hot this time be over we don't want to see 90s with a snowpack that we have right now let's just keep

it the seventies and we're in good shape but two inches of rain pretty close to it for the month we should be around an inch so twice as much rain as normal was 47 when we started the day this morning upper 70s in the western Valley mid 70s elsewhere 70 and Twin Falls in the 60s in the central mountains at five and six thousand feet Haley hits 70 degrees today that snow is gone and Haley and that rain we had some come right over downtown Boise Nampa Caldwell had rain much of the valley man and populated communities throughout the I 84 corridor I had some rain showers pushing on through and there's a few these are breaking up as they moved through this is right over Lake Lowell there's a light sprinkle out there right now but all in all that's just going to pass through tonight a couple of clouds in the morning tomorrow then lots of sunshine developing here is the breakdown of the day planner for the day tomorrow we get back up to 70 a mild start to the day sunshine through there will be a breeze in the afternoon a refreshing one I'll talk more about that and what that means for the pollen count and a forecast through the weekend

coming up all right thanks Scott the Idaho Board of Education named dr. Marlene Trump as the seventh president of Boise State University this afternoon we sent six on your side's Madeline white to campus to learn more about the first female president in university history dr. Trump has been the campus provost and executive vice chancellor at the University of California at Santa Cruz since 2017 before dr. Trump was here hello Boise State getting appointed to lead one of the largest academic institutions in the region we're even before earning her doctorate in English the enthusiasm of the community has just been overwhelming it's wonderful she was a young lady growing up in a small town in Wyoming I used to always say I got one of the highest acct scores in the state but there were only like three of us in a first-generation college student and her experience matched by many here at Boise State were more than a third of all students are the first in their family to attend college now as the next president she aims to focus on increasing that number I would

have Boise State with college degrees are actually happier and believe it or not they actually spend more time with their families they give back more to their communities so you can really change your life and the world with the college degree while serving as Dean and vice provost at Arizona State she created mentoring programs for first-generation students and I think it's really important to really tap into that and be able to provide support for those students as well financial support and just resources on campus as well after meeting all five finalists Smith is happy with the Board of Education 'he's pick she was all our first choice and we're really excited for dr. Marlene tromped we're really excited to work with dr. Marlene Trump to really further the student experience here at Boise State dr. Trump will officially assume her new post this summer on July 1st in Boise Madeline white six on your side coming up on six on your side dog breeders banned from selling their pups in a popular spot after a couple's dog dies from parvo and sure has gotten nice after a cool start to April temperatures

have been going into the red warming up nicely but what's in store heading into the upcoming weekend I will sort out the details coming up next meteorologists got your vows with be on your side forecast temperatures in the 70s 75 and sunny not bad look at that Boise Mountain Home Twin Falls it's 70 today 70 and Burleigh a good warm air mass pushing right on in Mountain still in the 60s with all that melting going on up there in the higher elevations and it's continuing to fill the reservoirs the inflow into the Boise reservoir system what's going into the reservoirs went from just over 14,000 CFS yesterday to just over 13,000 CFS so coming down a little bit we want a nice controlled melt off that will lessen the threat of having some flooding on some of the rivers in southern and central Idaho now the Boise River as well in that group right now looking good a little the river has been coming up but that's okay it's expected to do that this time of year yeah and Bank foal should be normal well you've got a good snowpack up there so we're gonna keep an eye on that for you

up and down temperatures but the trend is for down and after the weekend the coolest weather comes in that shows up right here on Tuesday at 61 and the beginning of next month we start to cruise right back up into the 70 degree range but I'm looking at a long range chart shows pretty cool air mass that first week of May that could settle in across the northwest and the long-range forecast is for cooler than normal temperatures in the month of May so it's going to be interesting enough to keep an eye on that the snow looks very white here but oh it's dark now over the lake the water is seeping through is a that ice is continuing to melt more rapidly and we're gonna see the lake really start to thaw pretty quickly here so forecast coming up for tomorrow mostly sunny then partly cloudy on Friday Thursday and showers on Friday still you see these temperatures for highs anyway getting up into the 50s to near 60 range again so we'll keep it mama cool down a little bit during the day tomorrow but we're 75 today was 80 in Medford today warm air mass across the Northwest but a weak front is going through overnight tonight

that's gave us a little bit of a shower we got to update this radar this is ground clutter you have to put it in motion to see what's moving anything that's moving could be a rain shower you see that one little shower going right over Lake Lowell right there the rest of this is I look at the pattern here's a rain shower right over here as well it's disappearing be gone when you wake up tomorrow we'll be in great shape there they go this cloud cover will come in over the cut in the cover of darkness tonight you may wake up to a few clouds but the thinning that's occurring in the cloud cover here will be around tomorrow that means a sunny day coming in for the day tomorrow shows up on the Futurecast look at that sunshine but during the afternoon there's going to be a breeze developing and it will be noticeable especially east of Boise on Thursday probably a lot of sunshine but in the evening could be a stray thunderstorm right there pushing on through and Friday at midday in the mountains some showers coming in and maybe even in the Cherry Valley the chance for a shower the breeze coming back as well so

Thursday and Friday that might be the case when you look at this chart here we go into tomorrow afternoon there is that wind coming in from the north and west not terrible it's just going to be breezy and comfortable my school subtree of tomorrow's weather today who's complaining about 72 degrees right 76 in Vail 74 in Weiser partly cloudy skies and breezy conditions especially in the afternoon still Pleasant you see those streets coming across those streets they're represented a little bit of a breeze picking up mostly sunny for Garden Valley near 70 mid-60s in Idaho City and pine and feather build 70 in the main 70 Riggins it's going to be an amazing day 57 in the magic vet in the animal call area while we hit 58 in stanley 65 degrees in sun valley a little bit of a breeze going across the canvas Prairie the magic Valley tomorrow right around 72 good breeze though blowing in out of the West nice weather coming on in 70 to 75 all the way through the weekend a couple of Pleasant days in there a few of them getting al in a bit cooler towards Sunday and we'll have to see how the weekend chips up I

think Saturday could be amazing done make it a breeze on Sunday as a cold front approaches later in the day on Sunday into Monday that's not too bad but you're thinking possibly cooler temperatures going into May yeah to me yeah that's the first week of May but the charts has shifted over the last 24 hours so I'm gonna keep an eye on it but may itself at least the first couple of weeks could be cooler than average okay yeah all right we'll see what happens all right thanks got the Enders Center for Public Policy brought people from all over the Northwest to discuss an impending crisis in our area meeting energy and irrigation demands while saving Idaho's salmon from extinction by the early 1990s one Idaho