13 November 2010

GunDog Broker: Meet Mark Fulmer of Sarahsetter Kennels

Kirk Driskell with Gun Dog Broker in the field with Mark Fulmer of Sarahsetter Kennels in Aiken South Carolina. Mark has been a professional breeder and ...

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website focusing on hunting dogs if you're looking for health information lineage and performance gundog broker has what you're looking for log on today and find out if your dog is gun dog worthy I'm Kirk Driscoll with gun dog broker today we're in the field with Mark Fullmer with sarah setter kennels in Aiken South Carolina how you doing mark I'm fine thanks for have you been here with us today so it we're on your farm here where your kennel where your kennel is out in Aiken Aiken South Carolina and can you tell us a little bit about the farm how long you been here and it can all be happy too I bought this property in 1982 moved out in 83 it's a 26 acre farm and when I bought the property it was a dead end dirt road with a thousand acres of paper company land next to me so I thought I was safe and of course development doesn't wait for anybody so now I have a subdivision next door but I'm grandfathered in so I can continue to train dogs here so I'm quite happy over the last 20-something years I never really had a master plan until later so it all sort of came together but I ended up developing a great training facility

that's got everything that I need basically on 26 acres we're sitting in a four acre pasture that has my horses in it normally at nighttime and during the day they're up fronting the other three acres of pasture so during the day I use this four acre field of obedience training beginning your handling work and that sort of thing then you've got five or six acres with the buildings on the property and then I've got another 15 acres behind the kennel building which I've been managing for 30 years there's a tiny woods really nice cover and I have several options in the way I run dogs back therefore I can encourage a dog to run or I can hunting like a grouse dog so it gives me a lots of opportunity to train here train on the field so you know unless you had to get in the car to to go somewhere every every day trained a lot I'm often asked about training retrievers and I enjoy training upland retrievers but I don't have ponds on the property and just because I'm not a full time retriever trainer I've never wanted to load up and carry one or two dogs to upon and have to spend all that time driving so if you could if you

could tear by a little bit more about you how did you get how did you get in this sport and we were kidding around a little bit this morning and when we called him he said you know this little early we're not duck huntin today you know this is a gentleman's sport I'm gonna eat my breakfast drink my coffee and we're cutting out with a little bit but it was it was fun that today because it is different but so how did you get in to the the field trial circuit on the on the on the setters and in that area could you just let her bite a little bit sure about that actually my first dog was an Irish setter named Sarah that obtained in 1975 from my brother on a little quick deal because he needed cash and I bought his puppy from him and she ended up being a great natural bird dog 900 for six years and prinkle is ridiculed by the old guys that say leave your dog home we've got plenty we don't need an Irish setter so when she passed away at age six of cancer I went out and bought the best field trial red setters that I could find in the nation and I ended up spending an entire decade campaigning of those dogs in walking field trials at

the national bird hunters my first Derby season with rebel he was dog of the year in South Carolina and I went on with a him to have numerous shooting dog wind but the dog that came behind him was a little female named Lee and over a course of six or seven years I ran her in every type of trial that was available I read her in walking trials I ran and shoot to retrieve trials I ran there and horseback trial actually ran her in an AKC trial because she happened to be dual registered so she ran the gamut and she was a great dog that was sort of the foundation of my red setter line that I have now at the same time I had bought an English Setter locally from a fellow had just sold the sire to the Japanese and I think it was back in the 79 or 80 your Japanese paid eighteen thousand dollars for a dog named driftwood acres Mikey it was one of the first dogs that Japanese bought and I was fortunate enough to have a granddaughter of that dog and she ended up being a great dog and she was the foundation of the English setters in my kennel so it's a 1980 present you're still breeding the

same line so I know today we're gonna be around some six week old puppies and some 12 week old puppies and these are fifth sixth generation of your dog and your line that you've been breeding absolutely Dixie this first setter I had she might might actually be the seventh or eighth generation down down you know it's a fraction of what she was but I've continued to improve the breeding program over the years