10 January 2019

HAIRDORABLES PETS!!! New Series 2 Dogs & Cats & Pony Toys

New Hairdorables Dolls Pets!!! The Hairdorables dolls have a series 2 that include pets. These new Pets were mailed to us for free from Just Play. Our mermaid ...


so we have the brand-new a harried throw our balls pets huge huge huge thank you to just play for mailing these to us as a special sneak peek I open the box and I was like what's these tiny boxes and then I'm like oh my gosh it's Pat's so here with Alessio eight surprises inside that's a lot and then on the back it shows like we have kitties bunnies the horror so it looks really cool they all have hair which one do you want boy look oh that's one like a little worse yeah in the rainbow one okay so I'll let Ava open it you do it first excited oh okay so I think we just open it like they're box oh oh that's cool looks like a prize-winning okay oh yeah wait like oh yeah so there is twirling tango so the hub like names let's see these are looking women the rainbow ones Oh what is that let's see yeah it kind of looks like a horse yeah it's like awesome okay so that's right yeah yeah baby oh okay so let's do it number one okay this looks like a little flying back you put it right here so okay and oh it's like a little dog bone so maybe we got a puppy bumper sticker very cute and then let's

see number two like it could be poor or a dog okay oh yeah oh that's cute okay so do you want to see your puppy yeah yeah okay open it oh wait it does say puppies stop open me laughs okay oh my goodness look how cute they are so soft feeling - oh yeah there we go so good here let's pull out the pigtails to make them even there are yeah it's cute it's like a little poodle puppy when we have ourselves for season two here it right over here there we go which saw Leah what do you think we'd want the puppy know I wear I think it's willow right hmm which one for maybe Ava wants the puppy okay here I'll put it with will I think it matches willows outfit more there we go that's cute we open up some more yeah so our puppy's name is journey its BFF is Skylar favorite thing is Hotel slippers so that's just curate which one which one do you think it's lucky yeah I'm no joke I was gonna say that one because three is the current number so one two three on the bottom okay go ahead let's open it real quick so put it right there okay three oh we gonna do background elements oh okay so this looks comfy okay it

still has a dog here so maybe a dog maybe not I don't know okay we have our first little clue blind bag I'm wondering if it's too big oh what's this oh is a bowl so it could be dog or cat maybe put it right here this sounds like a kitty kind of background do you think [Music] that's cool and then they love brush that's cool and then you got a little sticker right a little picture Oh cute that says okay we got a different sticker [Music] and oh my gosh look how cute it is oh I think it is a kiddy about holy cow look at that hair it's kind of more like a tank I know oh wait no it says right here melody okay it's a crown so melody that's e best friend this harmony so harmony melody together and then a favorite thing is a harmonica okay that's cool let's go ahead and like play with Simba and Nala all your Lion King friends okay let's put the crown on - there we go that's awesome you're supposed to say art here's the cake oh oh boy there might be some fighting among our hairy adorable pets okay so

let's move this and we'll open up okay it's my turn to pick one I guess this one I will see I'm really hoping for a party we'll see it is that kind of more rare I think okay what do we have here oh wait I don't know stickers oh we got something different no it's really a different one Oh headband D thing that became okay - okay so yeah okay oh okay so we have like a little outfit it looks like an anchor yeah there's some stickers okay so the moment of truth here oh it's purple oh my gosh what is it oh this is a hue okay wait is it okay and let's see oh yeah all right here that's funky hair ki maro PFF kelly loves roller coasters k hold on cuz look at the feet you're at sea check out so it's got like it looks very different with their feet maybe like a sheep or something oh yeah but look it has a long tail - okay wait hold up so let's look at ear great oh here it is okay so we got this one and one of the special ones is here oh that's cool so like see yeah right here that's a mystery one and that's the only mystery one so even though there's it that's like they're super special okay well

hopefully you'll so let's put the little outfit on I like the tail and the hair super soft don't you think so Eva yeah yeah oh what's in there like a special off-screen yes that's cool okay then I got our hair brush brush brush I like thick curly hair - that's bull okay let's put them by my hair door holes over here here we go are you breaking apart my box I like the bells okay okay we'll keep this yeah let's move a line to do box okay so your turn you got to pick a lucky box which one to left okay oh wait this looks different Oh what is that okay so maybe like kitties - I had a pet cat growing up named Chucky no one named Felix okay what's this oh wait a minute this seems interesting for a cat it's a baseball cap we're gonna know that's funny okay and then cool sticker Oh a ball okay and then a brush okay you wanna open up the pen okay this is this part okay yeah is it oh that looks really cute we drop the card it says lemon okay looks like oh yeah lemon oh yeah and it says know what huh it's like oh yeah it says Noah and then likes likes the striped ball okay and I

think it's Kitty Eric let's see yeah and this are cute wait wait we had the baseball cap which I think goes on its ear yeah that's hilarious okay check that out thank you and then we have the brush too I'm so cute and it like so small here's the ball okay open let's check it out there we go okay okay which background is that the kitty background again oh I don't know wait we got with that one I think right oh okay so you got oh my god quick look into where shoe and there's a brush okay really apples this is silly worst thing look at that yay okay wait does it say oh it's Harlow it's friends of Britt and then Amy sporting event is her favorite thing oh wow okay let's feed you some yummy hmm I have a hairbrush and oh the horse she was a hair clip oh that's cute we'll have to get that on alright so I put the little horseshoe on is that so cute and I have everybody lined up so I want everyone in the comments to let me know which one's your favorite they're all so cute look at them so we have our kitties we have our line our puppy or llama or a

horse which one's your favorite Ava huh all right Chuck horse yeah I like the lion and the force the most but that might be really cute too so and also too if you want to open up more than her adorable pets please remember to give us a like subscribe and yeah make sure to vote what who's your favorite they're all so cute [Music]