16 October 2018

Halloween Pet Safety Vlog - Keep your Dogs and Cats Safe - Mumbles and Ruby

Mumbles and Ruby are back with some Halloween Pet tips. Keep your dog and at safe and sound this halloween with help from Mumbles! SPCA Animal Poison ...


welcome back everyone to another episode of mumbles today I'm here with my special guest Ruby and Ruby is here today because instead of our normally scheduled product review I'm a year to bring you guys some tips for Halloween and pet safety now this is something that is very close to Ruby's heart she very much cares about other animals and she wants them all to be safe it's something I do yearly a lot of people will tell you and talk to you about how kids need to be safe and stuff but your animals also need to be safe so this year I've got some new tips for you to help make sure that your pet stays nice and safe on the Hallows Eve so without further ado let's get into this now my first tip for you guys today is that while pets may look cute and I know Ruby would look very cute dressed up in their Halloween outfits please please make sure that they aren't in any distress while wearing them do not in any circumstances cover their eyes think about it guys if you're blindfolded how would you react your pet is the same way they don't like their eyes covered please also make sure not to tie anything too tightly around their neck

or have anything that can be stepped on by them they can trip they can get hurt and they can choke themselves with that whatever it is tied around their neck so try to refrain from doing that if that is at all possible now some pets don't mind costumes other pets it ain't happening if your pet is one of those pets that just doesn't like them maybe it's best that they just remain your dog or they're your cat on Halloween right Ruby that's right now my second tip and I know I stress this every year but I'm still gonna stress it again do not under any circumstances give your no matter what it is chocolate especially baking chocolate do not give them candy do not give them any kind of sweet from Halloween guys if they need a treat make them a treat or go back in one of my previous videos buy them some cookies there's specially made cookies just for dogs that you can have made for Halloween and they will get to enjoy their Halloween just as much as you do now in the event you know mistakes and accidents do happen in the event that your pet does get a hold of something that they're not

supposed to please make sure to either get them to the vet or I will post a phone number below that will drew that will connect you directly to the pet poison control center to help you get some help for your animals so nothing bad happens to it now we've got one final tip today and then I'll let Ruby get to her business because she's got plenty to do today the final tip that I have for you guys today is that you need to be careful with your pet in your home if you're having family or friends in or just you know have Halloween decorations about around the house please be careful with what you're doing pets are naturally curious you stick a pumpkin in the middle of the floor with them with the candle in it they're probably gonna go look at it so if you can try to keep them separate from Halloween also with people coming in and out of your house and trick-or-treaters and all that stuff your pet may become rather frightened let's be honest it's not every day you have 50 to 60 people coming to your door and your pets gonna notice that so if you can try to keep them in their own area secluded from that in a nice calm environment where

they could just relax the night away now if you do decide to take your animal trick-or-treating with you please be aware to try to keep them away from others you don't want anyone to get hurt or anything like that and also be aware that on this night sometimes animals can get a little wacky and I'm not talking about just your animal talking about animals in the world like raccoons and opossums cats and dogs all different kinds of that's right Ruby so be careful if you see one of these animals out on the street and Ruby wants to make special a special point to tell you this if you see one of those animals out on the street try to steer clear of it especially keep your pet your children away from that animal because that animal might be scared maybe there was a hundred people by wherever its living and it got scared when things were scared they'll bite they'll do different things that they normally wouldn't do that's right Ruby you tell them anyways guys this has been my tips for keeping your pet safe this Halloween I want to thank you guys all for tuning in I want to pay a special thank you to Ruby she's gonna get a nice treat after

this I promise you guys and yeah guys this is gonna be mumbles and Ruby signing off I want to wish you guys all a great day even if it's not Halloween yet I do want to wish you guys all happy Halloween be safe out there keep your pet safe out there and this is mumbles and Ruby signing off have a great day everyone bye bye