11 May 2019


I decided to order some items from Wish for the hamsters and gerbils. I definitely think you get what you pay for and am not sure of the quality of some of these ...

hey guys so today I have a hipster hole

to share with you it's a little bit different than normal because instead of like going to a local pet store or pets Mart or something I actually ordered all of this stuff on wish I'm sure most of you have heard of wish if not it is a Chinese based website I believe we can get a ton of really cheap stuff so it's really cheap but it does take a long time to get here and I order this stuff so long ago I actually ordered this before I even have a hamster I was just going to do it as a gerbil hole but now that I have a hamster I'll probably use this for my hamster and my gerbils I actually have no idea what I ordered like I said I did order this a long time ago what usually takes like a month or so to come in but I had all of this sitting around my house probably for a couple months now so it's not like I was waiting for stuff to come in I've just been a very good procrastinator lately so I'm finally getting around to doing it today you can find some really weird stuff on which even in the pet category so I don't remember exactly what all I bought but I know some of it stuff that I probably won't actually use I'm not

really sure I don't know if I just wasted my money I thought it would be a good video I've had a lot of people request it and I actually bought stuff on wish like last year for this video and then I never got around to doing it so even though this stuff is sitting around my house for months at least I'm doing at this time so I actually still have everything in the bags I only have five bags here I feel like I ordered like 10 to 12 items so I don't know if there are multiple things in the bags or I just didn't get some stuff but I have five bags here to open before I get to opening and showing everything I want to mention really quick like I've been doing in all of my videos at that pet fest 2019 is coming out pet fest is going to be on June 22nd in Phoenix Arizona I'm going to be there over 20 of your favorite pet creators are going to be there so if you're interested in coming to pet fest like always the link will be down in the description so you can find out some more information about it and buy tickets I do know that the VIP tickets actually just sold out so if you do want to come make sure you grab your general admission tickets quick

before they sell out too but if you want some more information about that it will be down in the description and all let's go ahead and open up this hamster hole so like I said I have five different packages here I'm going to save two one for last so we'll start with the smallest I don't remember what's in here at all there are little descriptions on the outside but they don't really say much so I'm going to try to strategically open these without showing you guys my address because I didn't actually blurt anything out and Steve is here again every time I sit on the floor and open something he always thinks it's for him and I am I in focus I hope I haven't been out of focus this whole time maybe just when I picked up the bag so Elly's here too they think everything is for them so let's see what this first thing is so this is a little it looks like a wooden like a bridge it's very colorful let's see hopefully it doesn't break I know a lot of the stuff I bought on which last time was it very cheaply made so if you get anything you definitely want to be careful it actually feels like more of like almost like a styrofoam I don't really know

what's going on I don't think this is wood I don't think I'll actually be using it completely wasted my money but hopefully if I waste my money and see if I don't like it you guys won't order it and waste your money so I'm doing you a service Steve is trying to eat it I don't know how many colored pieces are there I don't know if this is supposed to be a specific pattern so go ahead and put this together the dogs are being very obnoxious I might have to give them a treat so they'll leave me alone because they think everything is for them they're not spoiled at all I guess if I was smart I would just put one side on at a time but it's early it's not that early but I haven't done anything yet today so I feel like it's early so that's going to be my excuse on why I'm a complete mess right now it does look like I got the color pattern right though at least so that because there's three pink ones so the paint goes on top so at least I'm doing something right so far Steve shakes his head he does not not agree now let's see if I can get the other side on why am i having so much trouble with this toy okay so I think I finally got it and it

is really cute I really love the colors in every but unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be using it and I had a hamster something that didn't chew that much I probably would but as you guys know my gerbils true a lot and my new hamster gurke actually is probably the biggest - I've ever had he'll even chew on solid wood and even though the description said this is wooden I don't really know what it is I know you were going to tell on camera but it is like a very light material so even if it is wood I'm not sure what it is and since I know that any one I would give it to would definitely chew on it I'm not going to be putting it in their cage I might use it like as a playtime toy actually that's a really good idea so this will probably be something that like gurke can use outside of his cage when I get him out for taming and stuff it is cute but it definitely won't be going in an enclosure okay so now that I spent way too long putting together that little bridge we will open this one up Steve still thinks it's for him there's nothing in here I guess I could do a dog wish Hall but I don't really want them

chewing on anything so inside the bag there's another bag bit money on this stuff but it's fine so this is a little perch that I obviously got with my gerbils in mind I don't know if I was expecting it to be this small because this is a little tiny branch that I would like get out of my backyard so it does have a screw in the end and then a washer and a little wingnut so I can put it on the bars of their cage um so I will be using this just because it's just a branch it's a little perch they'll probably like to chew on it this is literally a tiny little stick I would get out of my backyard so even if I don't know how much I paid for this it was probably anywhere from free to like a dollar but then shipping is usually a couple dollars so I don't think I would pay a couple dollars to ship this to me again but I'll use it okay the next item this is something soft so I don't know what this is it's probably going to be another thing that I just used for play time since my hamster and gerbils are big chores probably just something I thought was really cute and wanted to try out actually it's not that cute so I don't know why I ordered this this is

just a little bed I could have no idea why I ordered this I know they have some really cute like little bananas and stuff on there which I thought I ordered I don't actually remember ordering this but I guess I did I don't know what I would use this for um if you'd have any suggestions on what to use a tiny little bed for let me know I guess I could give it to Kevin my bearded dragon he actually might use it so we'll give it to Kevin we'll see if he likes it definitely not going to a hamster or gerbil though hey the next package I'm assuming I know what's in here because it sounds exactly like a water bottle so it's not a water bottle then I obviously I don't know but let's see if there's anything else or if it's just a water bottle so it looks like this is the only thing in here I'm always looking for new water bottles that don't leak and everything I'm sure this one was really cheap which is why I decided to try it out I'll try to stop playing with the plastic because it's really loud so I'm sure it doesn't sound very great on camera so well I'm gonna get it out real quick

so I can get this plastic away but this is just a plastic it's very very lightweight but that doesn't really matter all that really matters is the suction and if it leaks or not so I'll probably actually test it out with my hamster I don't give my gerbils any plastic water bottles but I'll definitely try this out with Gerdes it is pretty big a little bit bigger than I normally use for hamsters since you need to give them fresh water pretty frequently anyway but it does come with both a spring that's still in there plus one of these types of holders we'll try it out I'm always looking for a new good water bottles okay so laughs is the biggest package hopefully there's a few things in here cuz like I said I'm pretty sure I ordered at least ten things and so far all four packages have only had one thing in them so I probably just did get some of the stuff I ordered but I'm gonna go ahead and open this up without showing you guys my address hopefully and we will yeah so this is a bag full of bags so we have one two three four five six okay I did order more than ten things they just put everything together so we're just

going to start opening this up these these built or not for you okay so here's one of the cute cloth items I do I got some cute cloth item that I really wouldn't use but it was just cute I wanted to see if it was cute in person this is a little little hanging hamburger it's very very small so like a robo would probably fit in there or a small dwarf I just thought it was cute my camera is out of focus once again I don't really know what you would use this for maybe like a mouse the only weird thing is there is a chain so you can hang it but if you hang it to hold down here so that doesn't really make any sense this will probably another thing that I just used for playtime I just wanted to see if it was cute in person I honestly really enjoy wasting my money but here's a cute little hamburger next is another package that looks about the same they use really good stickies on here I don't know what they use but what is it a piece of wood like one I love it I paid money for this this is a little ledge I'm assuming I did another ledge was quite this small when I ordered it I really wanted to get some ledges for my gerbils because this

is one that can once again go on the bars of the cage so it has a little wing nut on it um but this thing is so tiny you could make this yourself in like five seconds and for like a nickel um but I have a little wooden latch that I will try with my gerbils let's see this feels like maybe some chew sticks so these are some chew sticks I don't know it doesn't say what type they are on here but there's some normal tube sticks my gerbils will go through these like crazy I don't know how many are in here I would say probably about a dozen to 15 so they will definitely enjoy those let's see what is in the next one that Steve is down here just collecting my legs I got freak I don't know what he is doing this is what I mentioned earlier so this is the cute banana that I saw once again I don't watch for uses for anyone it will have to be an out of the cage type of deal it'd probably be better for like mice or something um but it's really cute so you can hang it from the top of your cage even though it doesn't have hooks I think they just put it on backwards yeah they just put these on backwards because

there's hooks down here where they don't need a beam but it is a cute little banana hammock it's definitely not the best made there are strings and stuff coming off but it is cute because they can actually that get in there like I said I don't know what animal this would be the best for if you have an animal you think would like this let me know down in the comments it's definitely not something I keep like with gerbils full time but I thought it was cute and I wanted to show you guys so once again wasting my money on it but it's fine we have two more packages to open hopefully you guys like this hull I know it's kind of all over the place and not like a normal haul where I'm showing you stuff I really enjoy um I just wanted to try out something different so that is what we're doing let's see this is another like wooden swing but the wood looks the same as it was with the little bridge so I don't know if I'll be using it this is really cute though you can like hang it from the top of the cage so it's like a little wooden swing like I said but once again it's not really like light almost like airy wood so I don't think I'll be

giving it to anyone just because I'm not sure what it is so I don't know if it's safe it's definitely not like a normal type of wood that toys in the US are made from but I don't think it's something I'm going to be putting in a cage okay and we are this is something why do they order so much soft stuff when I don't even give it to my animals I don't know if itself just kidding it's bubble wrap this is another chew they taped this thing they don't like hardly like put bubble wrap around anything and then they packaged this piece of wood like it sure like a glass antique so let me see if I can get it out of this awful town in plastic so this is just a little wooden barbell - I'll probably give this to gird I think you will really like it deep also thinks you would really like it so it just has two pieces of wood and then the wooden barbell looks like there is a little bit of hot glue holding it together but that is good with me so this is the last thing I got so that is ordered from wish calm that sight definitely isn't somewhere I would recommend going for Pet Supplies even though it is cheap a lot of the stuff I got in here you definitely get what you

pay for some of it is really cute but I'm just not sure of the quality or the materials it's made from so it's not a sight that I would really go to if I needed pet supplies she's kind of like a fun novelty site for me to try out but hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and enjoyed seeing what I got off of wish if you liked it make sure you give it a big thumbs up and make sure you subscribe down below if you haven't already and I will see you guys next time [Music]