25 October 2017


HAMSTER SUPPLIES & FOOD ORGANIZATION! We are organizing my hamster food and supplies today! I found these adorable little containers at walmart and ...

welcome back to another video really

have no idea what this video is kind of gonna be about today it gonna be a little bit random what's a Walmart a few days back and I found these really nice container is that I would like to store some of the hamster food in especially this one is the one is the one I wanted to put the hamster food and in this container I think I might put like the whimsy choose and I also have another one of these is a little bit larger maybe we can put like Millis prayin or something like that and then I have went to Ikea and I peril at these four little see-through containers a little bit larger I'm gonna show you guys those in just a minute they come with lids which is really nice and maybe at some point I can label them or something I thought you know what maybe I can kind of go through some of the hamster supplies and you know have a lid for it organize things a little bit better because my cabinet is kind of getting full again and I'm still not liking the way it looks that's why I really needed some container so I bought some of those they were super cheesy yeah that is basically what we're to eat today I'm just gonna go ahead and get

right into it let's do it [Music] these are basically the three containers that I bought and be moving at the hamster food in this one this one is really neat because the lid is just amazing and I like how chunky the handle is this well and it just clips in like that which is really really nice literally ready for a change and I think would be cute to put the hamster food in here because this one right here is a little bit taller I'm going to think I'm gonna put the millets phrase in here and maybe oats fries and then we're going to go ahead and put the ones you choose in there [Music] now I already got a bunch of the Missouri rat and mouse blocks mixed in here they're probably all the way at the bottom now but I usually like to add some flax seeds into my hamster mix so I'm just gonna take one tablespoon and give that a stir probably add just a tiny bit more there we go put my little spoon in there and let's seal this up okay now we're gonna go ahead and put the whimsy cheese in here actually looks like I need to go buy another bag here

very soon [Music] oh I just made a big mess [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I like that it looks really really nice I actually didn't might get a few more of these containers at some point to store some other things that I have laying around so these are the bins that I got from Ikea yeah let me grab the lid it's basically what it looks like they are see-through and I think that's gonna help me out a lot in at some point I can probably label them so it'll be a little bit easier for me to find I got four of these little bins they are called these Sam look that's Amla Samuel however you want to say it um these are only $2.99 so that's a really good deal in my opinion I'm gonna go ahead and start putting some stuff in there I'm gonna put the I think I'm gonna put the bigger items in here [Music] [Music] I literally just bring you guys over

here so you can kind of see what I'm doing see like I have it these um nature salad by row so it's got two packs of these so that's why I think if I get another one of the unity nurse I can put like this stuff in it as well just so I have a little bit more room so I feel like I'm a little bit cluttered and same goes like with the little mini pops so maybe I'll find like another smaller container for those as well these stores are actually not going to close sadly if I have the bins turned that way which is a bummer I actually have to get some more sand okay I guess I gotta order some more time here soon - okay so that's fine it gives me a little bit of room right here or I could probably pop that in right there that works out there as well I don't like that okay kind of cleaned up this little area right here with some of the dishes so as you can see down here it's a bit of a mess and I don't like it I just don't like how that looks like I would really like to have so actually I have one more container so maybe we could put like all of the bendable all of the ridges into

that one that would work out got some natural stuff right here and it's not closing because of this of course it's not [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay guys so I think I'm gonna go ahead and end the video now I know it was kind of a strange video what's the knife you guys just basically watch me organize something I really do hope that you enjoyed it though and I love you guys so much I will see you very very soon in my next video bye