14 March 2019

Health Checks For Guinea Pigs

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hi everyone skinny picks one here so

today's video is all about health checks what do we look for so first there body run your hands all along your guinea pig checking for lumps or bumps we want to look into their fur is there any fur loss is there any scabs is there any dry flaky skin can we find any bite marks so next we're going to be looking at their head so let's check their ears is there anything in their ears you want to make sure there's no hay stuck in there any sort of debris you don't want it to be extremely waxy we want to make sure that our guinea pig doesn't have any head tilt which could be a sign that something's in their ear we want to go check their eyes their eyes should be wide open they protrude a little bit from their head they look like big domes so we want to make sure they're not squinting that their eyes aren't cloudy that it doesn't look like there's any crust or discharge now white discharge will come out of their eyes when they're cleaning themselves that's just their own natural cleaning solution but if they aren't cleaning themselves their eyes should be clear so next we want to look at their nose and their mouth their nose should be clear there

should be no discharge no crusts no scabs same with their mouth their mouths should look clean there shouldn't be any discharge scabs any white goop nothing in their mouth and also check their front incisors they have four two on the top two on the bottom they should be straight across they should not be slanting they should not be chipped they should not be missing if anything is going on with their front incisors that's a good indication that their back molars are having troubles too so that requires an emergency vet visit so now let's check their feet their foot pads should be healthy-looking you don't want to see things like dry flaky skin you don't want to see scabs you don't want to see any swelling there are things called Spurs that are just pieces of skin that kind of grow a little and off their feet which are no big deal so next let's check our guinea pigs belly and their bum so they should not have any pee stains on them if they do they need a bath they should have no blood so even the females there should be no blood they do not bleed if they are bleeding that is a serious medical

issue so they shouldn't have urine scold or scabs they should not have discharge they should not have a messy poopy bum any of these reasons would be a reason to take them to the vet so everything should be nice and clean down there and if they need a little tidy up you can give them a bum bath and lastly for part of our health check we need to weigh our guinea pigs so get yourself a kitchen scale that weighs in grams you can find this in any kitchen aisle you'll find out Walmart on Amazon they're very easy to find pop your guinea pig in and do it the same day same time every week and get a good base reading of what their normal weight is so if they are losing any weight that is a sign that they are ill that's often the first sign that we're going to notice because there's an they are masters at hiding illness so let's say your guinea pig weighed a thousand grams but the next time you weigh them they're 900 grams that is a huge red flag that something's going on so please take them to the vet so weighing them is one of the biggest parts of health checks that are super important so if you have any questions leave them down below bye guys