10 January 2019

Health, Fasting, and the Dogs I'm Hoping For

Health update, life update as of 2019 and SITs I have my eye on.

hey guys I know it's been a while so

happy new year and I wanted to do a video because I haven't uploaded in a while I actually have some news kind of dog related kind of me related so here it goes and try to get this going while my TV reboots here so I went to the doctor this morning and it was just nice to have a different person look at what had been going on since last summer and [Music] long story short he's pretty sure a fibromyalgia because I don't have any of the ear markers for any sort of arthritis I don't have swelling and I don't have joint damage or anything like that I'm just in pain so he's like keep taking what you're taking which is the savolta and get plenty of sleep and get some type of exercise because moving around helps the pain supposedly and so that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna see if I can figure out something I can do at home other than sitting on my butt and putting my feet up so we'll see how that goes first thing I'm doing is my church is doing a 21 day corporate fast and I'm essentially fasting from social media anybody watching this knows anything about fasting is there's

different types of paths you can do okay i as I mentioned in the last clip I am in the middle of a fast and for those of you who that don't know what a fast is it's just a way of being focused and getting closer to God if you're a Christian you know what I'm talking about so we have my church does a 21-day fast in January and and I'm not fasting from food because I'm not necessarily super food motivated so I'm just fasting from most of my social media and trying not to get sucked in by that and spending that time studying and praying and listening to some of my favorite worship songs and the reason this ties into what I talk about on here is because one of my big things objectives during this fast is for a breakthrough with Peachy and and my dog and so as I said before in my other videos and family to glisten God's hands because I can't do anything about it so I am so I'm just kind of leaning into that right now and taking my time with it and among other things and so we'll see where that goes I feel like and this is going to sound weird to some people that really don't like if like spirituality and parts of

faith don't really make sense to you but I have a feeling that I'm supposed to have a golden retriever not just because I want one but I've kind of most of the dogs I have seen in my dreams are retrievers and I just have they have two golden retrievers right now and one's a little puppy that they just got in her name is Ellie and I will insert a picture of her here and the other one is comet and he's like a year and a half Maggs program which is the surface dog program at Bradley local college here and so I feel like one of those dogs or similar dog is supposed to eat my dog and so I mean I'm just going to continue to pray about this and if you know one of those things pans out great and if it doesn't that's okay too I may do a little bit update tomorrow or this video may go up by itself because they have another doctor's appointment tomorrow if this doctor adds anything that I feel like needs to go on here I'll add it to this video if not this video will most likely go up later on Wednesday or sometime on Thursday I'm not sure so be on the lookout for that hey guys it's the next day and I just

got home from my neurology appointment apparently it's the same office and the same practice as the doctor I go to for my botox and this doctor is a little bit more personable and she gave us a lot of really good information and she gave us two things I am going on the Botox for sure this time they want me if she wants me to try it see if it works helps with my spasticity which may help her some of my pain I'm not saying all my pain is from spasticity but it's probably causing some of my pain and - she wants me to start water therapy which I haven't done so I was a kid and she also thinks that will help with my muscles and my range of motion and stuff so I'm hoping and but I'm not gonna start that probably for another few months hopefully it's warm enough so we'll see how that goes and it can only go from there so I'm hoping I'm hoping some of that works I don't know if I could get off the cymbalta because I don't know if the fibromyalgia a diagnosis would still hold up or if I have that on top of having issues with my spasticity so I don't know we don't know what if this is just something that got aggravated from

doing something and my cerebral palsy just made it worse I don't know so we'll see how that goes so until next time so until next time this is service dog Diaries signing off if not I'll probably have a video another video up next week so at the regular time so be on the lookout for that so until then I will see you guys in the next one hopefully with more news and and keep moving forward so until then bye [Music]