23 March 2017

Healthy Home Remedies | Reducing Seasonal & Pet Allergies | Breathing Clean Air

In this video I show how I've been able to manage alot of discomfort due to seasonal and pet allergies by just integrating a few adjustments in my home. This is ...

hey guys welcome back in this video I

wanted to share with you a few tips for the springtime if you guys suffer from allergies the reason I decided to make this video is because the springtime is a very difficult time in my household because the majority of us do suffer from seasonal allergies and seeing that the springtime releases a lot of pollen into the air we needed to take the necessary steps to be able to feel a little bit more comfortable otherwise we would be suffering and I finally found a method that works for us and keeps our allergies at bay for the most part during the spring so one of the first things I did when I started changing things up is I changed how I clean my house normally the average person when they are cleaning their floors they were sweet their floors first and then they would not I no longer sweet my floors I do not use a broom at all inside my house so I started twittering and I'm picking up a lot more hair a lot more just more pollen and all the other bigger pieces of debris I just kind of twisted into one little section and then anything that the sensor doesn't pick up all right here too I just kind of scoop it up with a wet palette or anything

something like that so this is what the boss looks like they saw this at walmart you can get this anywhere so and they just pretty much come and little square size as i said and you just adhered it to the swifter boomed and you sweep and you just which brings me to my next point and it's dusting I just almost every other day and I use a sweatshirt because the Swiss the sheets make the dust adhere to it or you know it's like a magnet for the dust so I do I'm just a lot of our countertops the tables which is the TV's is everything you can think of I'm always Justin so the second thing I changed in my environment I looked for an air purifier that will purify the air in my home and after doing a little bit of research I ended up buying one from walmart which constant about one hundred dollars and they sell these at walmart bed bath and beyond amazoncom and few other places but so what i got was from walmart and the one that i chose was the envy and sarah pure air purifier with UV light and ever since i've been running this in my room the air just feels so much lighter so much clearer i don't really smell any type of smells when i go

inside my room this eliminates pet odors um I don't know you guys know but i do have a pet rabbit and he is in my bedroom and sometimes a we can smell them not too much but this really does eliminate any odor that might be coming from his cage you would never know that i have a pet in the room because this purifier eliminates every single kind of smell and the way it works so this is basically what it looks like and you hear the knob and this is the UV light you can press it in to activate it or you can press it again and it deactivates it but i know it's on off you can put it on low medium or high and what it does is it sussed and from the best time for my here and the way you open this is like this and this is beyond the HEPA filter they were talking about and the way you clean this if you basically just vacuumed all the dust fur and anything else it has on it so you don't really have to replace it it just you ages back to all the testing on the particles off of it but it's something the air through here it has the three-way compartments there and then it releases the purified air so here and we have the light on I guess you realize

that the air goes by it kills germs and vector not sure how that technology works but that's what they stink their description so yeah it's called they're pure its fears about Thomas's maybe about 36 inches three feet Baby Talk if I want to get rid of a smell in a certain room I just kind of stick it in the middle of the room I put it on high and I let it sit there for about an hour or two and when I come back it's usually the room does not smell like anything I've used this in my kitchen when we do on like seafood dishes or anything that leaves a pungent smell this will literally take out the smell out of the air in about a couple of hours and also when the kids are playing with the rabbit he's but he seen a lot of her because he's shedding his his winter coat and I usually only have to vacuum the filter about once every two weeks I have vacuumed fur out of here dust you know and stuff like that so I know this is you know catching a lot of things that would have otherwise been in the air we would have breezed it and probably got to say but yeah this right here has worked wonders for me so this I would definitely

recommend for part of your lifestyle not just because of allergies but just to be able to breathe clean you know germ free air and just purified air so your lungs can be nice and and healthy and you know you don't get sick that often I actually bought this last summer because last spring was terrible a terrible season for us regarding allergies and I really wanted to get something and I didn't know what I got that about in july and june or july and it's been working wonders ever since it's still pickin so i think it's totally worth it it's a great investment there is no smell in my house so that's wonderful and the air I feel comfortable that the air is clean you know especially with a pet you have hair and you know dander and fur in the air and breathing that in and everything else like that song and every time you know how it is at home you move things around the dust particles go everywhere I'm going to leave a link down below where I got this from and where you can get it from it there's actually several different ones they all have high ratings and I definitely has a high rating for me because I absolutely love it I

definitely see a difference in how i feel and the amount of times i've gotten sig which has been minimal to none so i'm really enjoying this if any of you guys on suffer from allergies and you know i think this would really help if you think that you know the air in your house is stuffy or you know pets are the home or anything like that i think this really helped so it might be worth it so another item i wanted to share with you guys is this item right here by spar alma and this was sent to me for review purposes and what it is it's a portable aromatherapy essential oil diffuser I've never used one of these before but I have you so that humidity fire I am always using it in the winter and in the spring because the air the quality of the air inside the home during the colder months does get very dry so this is the item right here and it comes shaped like a little kind of like a baby penguin and it also serves as a night light now the way that it's used if you take the top part out and I've been using this already as you can see you take this is where you add the water and this is where the humidity will come on film and you just kind of release this

part now what you do is you add water to this on to this container right here and it has a maximum fill line you can use this two ways you can add the water replace the lid back and you know put this side kind of like that plug it in turn it on and it will serve as a humidifier and also after filling the line with water you can add a few drops of essential oil and replacing this little calf and putting this and what it will do is it'll release some humidity into the air with the aroma of whatever oil you put in there some eucalyptus oil will be good if you have a cold for for baby's room maybe you can use like a lavender essential oil something is that very soft and calming this is a good product to have because it gives you nightlight it gives you the aromatherapy and it also gives you the humidifying benefits so this P credential e I'll leave a link down below if anyone is interested in getting anything like this but I thought this was really cool [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

thank you guys for watching I hope that any information that I provided might have been a benefit to someone but it helps anyone who watches please leave a comment down below let me know if you've tried anything that works for you as far as a seasonal allergies and things like that alright so thanks again for watching and I will see you in my next video until then take care of space taste and enjoy a week so this is Ali he's got pet rabbit he's going to be about a year old in a couple of weeks I got him when he was just about a month old he was a teeny tiny little bunny and now he's gotten so big and he actually thinks he's a baby he's a Dutch rabbit yeah he's the only stuff that we have I actually grew up with a Dutch rabbit in our household a good pets they're very cuddly very soft Ellie you wanna say hi honey bye [Music]