17 March 2017

heavy duty dog training collars - heavy-duty dog training collars and leads

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hi guys wonderful rogue royalty today

we're going to be looking at the super tough range thank you very much for the feedback on the other videos we're not by any stretch of the imagination video connaissez however we've had a lot of feedback a lot of supported feedback and people found them really helpful so we're going to try it now with the super tough range these are literally one of the most heavy-duty collars one of the hardest wearing collars you can probably ever find hence the name super tough they're made to be literally indestructible and I can pretty much guarantee they will last the lifetime of any dog we've never had a dog break them I've never met a dog who could break one and that's why they come with our one hundred-percent money-back quality guarantee so we're pretty much back all of our products with our word and rest assured when you buy one of these products you won't be buying another one for a long time if ever the reason being the stainless steel fittings a very long lasting and they don't rust you got the stainless steel d shackle extremely heavy duty double prong buckle which is pretty much a signature trait of the road royalty product range and a really

really strong webbing so I'm just going to show you that it's a triple ply webbing you can see that close up and there is no way that's going to deteriorate or break or snap or anything like that we've even designed it in such a way i'm going to show you an open collar in a minute but it's designed in such a way for added security and this webbing material can withstand pretty much any climatic condition whether it's wet or dry and that's why these colors are just so popular with with hunting community groups utility dogs working dogs dogs that really see a lot of action in all types of environments this color is perfect for their needs and this is why they're so popular so i'm going to show you are they actually come together so this here is the collar in its open state it's the head of the collar as we call it and that's the tailor's of color with the reinforced eyelets basically people on first side of this collar jump back and say look it's two or three our dog and that's because yes it is long in its open state but there's a reason for that as you can see I've followed that through its pretty much doubled its way over and now

it's going to tuck back into the keeper so once that's all stitched up or all done up i should say it pretty much forms into a very very strong band and it's just solid it's it's strong enough not to break but it's also soft enough to give way and be comfortable on your dog's neck so the d shackle that i mentioned before sits on the inside and as you take a closer look that's actually held very very securely by stitching and doubled over as one pizza absorbs pretty much a lot of the impact and then it's assisted by the top band so if there's any agitation on the collar it's pretty much given extra security for the d shackle and if this internal peace does break or if it actually comes off here the d shackle is still held by this outer band so you've got two layers of protection so pretty much all aspects of the collar and its function have been covered off they literally are a very very well made peace and they're pretty much suitable for any type of dog but it's been especially made for powerful breeds and large breeds dogs that you know you often hear about them breaking the collars or coming off the collar this

will be the last caller they come off actually this will be the first color that they can't come off I should say so we've got these in the five centimeter width because of their enormous popularity I on sounds clichéd people have asked us for a less wide fit and this is actually two centimeters wide so it's a great little color it's not something you'll find openly in a lot of the the the main pet stores but you know these colors are available online you can contact us to talk about any queries you may have but again this is a beautiful little collar suitable for some of the smaller breeds and again it's got all the hallmark signature traits and strengths of the super tough range of its bigger brother there but just in other swipe form so that ladies and gentlemen is this rogue royalty super tough collection and we hope to see you soon thank you very much you