10 September 2019

Her Dog is not on a Leash- Neighbor Threatens Me

I do not live with my My mom. She has lived here since January when the mobile home was purchased. Her neighbor has reported her for barking dogs (service ...

looks like we're the only ones with

leashes on our dogs you know what you've got two strikes against you don't go for three excuse me what what are you talking about man is that a threat we're evicted yeah sorry you're threatening me now I don't think that's a threat honey I think it's a problem oh it's a promise can you run can you come outside path you just said we're gonna be evicted and her dogs not on leash I have it on phone she said I already get outside right now please you please come outside hi Patsy my mom's coming out right now do you please report repeat what you just said to me Patsey tell my mom what you just told me huh oh yeah no your dogs nice she just she just said I have two strikes against me and I'm gonna have one more and the people before bill were evicted that's what she just told me go and ask her what she just told me good right now she's sitting right there your dog wasn't on a leash I have it on film Patsy I have it on film Oh God oh yeah because I had him in my bro service she's not on your property

and I got it all in film - for not having her dog on a leash and her dog getting in a fight with this lady's dog really yeah she doesn't have her dog on a leash did he hear what she just said [Music] don't worry don't tell my anymore turn it off dude I hear everything I got everything on film now go ask her