07 October 2019

Hermione Granger walking dog on beach

Walking dog on beach.

hello everyone welcome to another

edition of it's am i any granger today mamma mias dad and I'm walking that little white terror called piggy you see over there one of each it's nearly dark it's very windy or at least it is on the other side of the headland I have very cleverly decided to come down this side well there wasn't any wind look see Wow Birds lying about as they do oh there she is where the barbecues buried digging about surprised surprised looking at me like she doesn't know I know what she's doing I know you know you know I know we all know what you're doing you know I know and I know you know check it out you got balls daddy got something I can sorry mrs. Carey I think this is a saint I've had enough to walk on and turn around now dad what you wanna do Lou where's this you want to go Lily what you want to do come here give me a pee oh she's looking in the direction she wants to go you watch little cuddle alright little cuddle stroke now if we walk this way that's the end of the walk dad let's go to the pub that's exactly what she just said in doggies doggy is it her such a word

no rush for the pub dog got some sniffing to do first she did he went into the hub on the way down just loves the pub okay an old like her daddy no mommy she loves the pub don't tell anyone there even me loves to pop sometimes anyway what else can I tell you Oh little rush just did a nice nice little mess earlier which I've got to pick up all the way back isn't that right there oh that's right best ever we there so someone can know you've been you that's the spirit in it hey what goes through a little pea-sized piece sized brain it goes through a pea brain it's all I reckon I know actually it's Walker sniff food treats pub pretty much some cuddles maybe from a mammy sometimes a mere this so me at the moment used to blame me for the teeth last week alright I'll take it take it like a champ right I'm just making tracks and she maybe she knows is about to pour would rain so far have much they reasonably dry which is nice isn't it des scamper to scamper speed what she found something to peel didn't find much glass today watch see glass but I'll show you what I found

great this Beach receipt last I used to dump all their glass residue on the beach so it would go back to the sand that it originally came from and of course many many years later it's still around nice pieces of colored glass so we call this the Glass Beach and that's just from the Roman walk in ten minutes maybe 15 now and that's just what I picked up along the way we've got massive jar of it at home all from this Beach and the one next door is this used to be where everyone lived in Jersey up here alright that's the end of this video cuz I've got to carry Lucy's poo now goodbye