04 March 2019


This week we're chatting about the greatest part of hiking, dog! Let us know what you think and leave a comment below with any future videos you guys want to ...


hey guys so this week our video is going to be hiking with dogs we're gonna take you along on what we typically have them bring in their pets and some of the tips and definitely all the mistakes we've learned along the way hiking with them [Music] so typically our dogs are always on leashes on the trails but right now we're filming in a dog park in town so that's why you'll see them roaming free running around like psychos [Music] you're gonna go through what we did have our dogs bring in their packs for just a day hike so they both have their own tax conferred on their water for the day and their food typically we like to bring these bars on traverse dog code just like a granola bar almost or Boren will have just a ziploc full of dry food and then we have their clocks blow bowls they each have their own bowl we have some hot wax which is really helpful if it's hot or if it's really cold we tried we tried the booties on them but it just wasn't good for them Cooper agrees we heated the booties and my model track I don't they think that I have tree I don't have anything in here and we have

their first aid kit to which we bring every time as well and then if they don't have the packs on we just take this off and it's just a harness for them and I really like it because you wanna practice because they're heavy so if I need to lift them up it makes it super easy if we're going over some big rocks or something that they can't get up so dog food water first aid kit and pop protection is the biggest things for us when we're out hiking and we make them carry their own stuff but nothing too heavy and oh and also we have bags and they carry so we took you guys along with us well we went out for a hike with our dogs and that's the main focus of this video we wanted to go over a few points just things to think about when you're going out with your dog and one of them is do your research Cooper he is the greatest dog alive and he will hike until he passes out he just wants to please us wants to have fun and be with us outside he has no limit basically so it's up to us to make sure that he's on safe terrain that we turn around if he's too tired and we do a lot of our extra research if we're bringing our dogs with

us and we trip reports I like to creep on Instagram of if people tagged the location of a hike that we're going to do and kind of creep it out and see if there's any other dogs that have done it recently just add to that when you hike with a dog just have more flexibility and just I guess general safety awareness so you know I just pay attention to your dog if it's if your dog is limping all of a sudden or slowing down or you know you know your dog best so if they always have if they're always like high-strung high-energy and then all of a sudden they're lagging behind it's time to pay attention to your dog and you know you might have to turn around or you know there might be something wrong with the dog a lot of times they might just need a snack or some water we found with our dogs a lot of times they're thirsty but they're not drinking enough and even when we put just water in front of them they won't drink it so a lot of times we will give them some food and then we pour water in the bowl so they have to drink while they eat and that's the way that we've found to keep them hydrated so just something to

think about also if you're just getting into hiking with your dog we suggest starting very small even just going to a dog park and just doing a couple miles with them there looping around things like that easy terrain it depends on the breed also I know with Cooper I think labs are a bit more prone to joint and hip problems so my vet recommended we waited until he was almost to to do his first big mountain which was very hard for me to wait but we did a lot of just small trails and hiking in the woods on flat terrain before that and that one thing that was new to us when we moved to Colorado was the different classes for the hikes when we were in New York we never really thought about that but when we started hiking the 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado they're all class one two four or five and that was something that we really had to learn about what our dogs can do what they're capable of I'm typically if a hike is above a class two we won't take them unless we know for sure that a lot of other dogs have been successful on the mountain or we've seen pictures of the tricky spots and we feel confident that they can do that and it's

important to when we're doing those hikes though we have in our mind beforehand we can turn around it's not a big deal if we don't summit we want them to have fun I never want them to feel scared or uncomfortable because that is just so unfair they're just out there to have fun and we're bringing them along it's so not worth it just to summit for them so yeah just adding under that your dog does not care if its summits amount it doesn't care how high it gets it does not dogs don't care about that you could take them to the same trail over and over and they would have just as much fun so all those lists and things these places you want to take your dog they're just for you so you might have to turn around on some or not get to the summit with your dog and that's totally fine we ended up having to do that in Colorado a couple times one time it was Mount sniffles and the worst we've we got all the way up and we were maybe 20 feet from the summit and there was a little this crux point where you had to get up and it it was a little bit sketchy for breakfast and I had to do alone and it would just wasn't worth it for the dog so the dog stayed we took

turns summiting just going up tagging the summit coming down in the dog state and they were fine you know they had a great time they were safe and it was it was a good experience because we didn't we didn't push it but really sniffles don't do it it's beautiful it sucks also what we learned over the years is to really pay attention to the weather not so much the rain or the cold we always bring a jacket if it's winter for them and they never have issues but in the summer if it's hot cooper overheats incredibly quickly it's and it's kind of hard to tell because he's out of breath just like sitting down so you can't really tell if he's getting overheated in the Sun we will research the trail and if we can't find that it has any water crossings or any place where he can swim or cool off his body we start ridiculously early so that we're done and back to the car or back to a lake or something before I mean like noon or 2:00 p.m. we've started at 2:00 in the morning and summited for sunrise just to avoid Cooper getting overheated so that we could all enjoy the day together and it's also way better that way anyways because you avoid all the crowds and my

opinion certain precautions have to be taken when you are starting in the dark just to make sure that you know you keep your dogs with you and you have plenty of light you know you don't want to get two hours in and it's still dark in your headlight dice or something like that we did have a light-up collar for them we just like glossed it over in the year so now we just put an extra headlamp around their neck just so we can keep an eye on them no works pretty well also you know your dog vests and you know their personalities so that's something to take into consideration when you're planning your hike so if you have a dog that just loves laying on the couch don't go and try and do 15 miles in a day and don't don't expect them to go out on the trail and they're gonna be hopping over boulders and doing these crazy things if they're not like that if you have a dog and he's running around your house and he's getting into things and you can't you know it's just like non-stop with that dog you're pretty confident that he can handle a big day hiking so those are things that that you know best but you know always I guess

the theme is planned plan plan just think things through before you get out on the trail with your dog and you should work out well and that's something that we had to learn the hard way when we got our youngest dog trek our lab Cooper is I would call him the most perfect dog in the whole entire world he's like I really didn't get training he just stays with us all the time his recall is perfect he can handle you know he's big and goofy but he can handle jumping off these crazy moves on hikes and he can do 12 hours at a time and we kind of just expected Chuck to be the same and that was a real learning curve because chuck is a herder he sees something two miles away and if he's not on leash he will run two miles away and he won't come back and he he will chase the biggest animal but he will also be terrified to jump down a really small ledge and need a bit of assistance so that's definitely been a learning experience for us but it's awesome and we have figured out a way to to make it work so that everyone has fun hopefully I have fun and now we want to chat about why hiking with dogs is the greatest thing in the whole entire

family through me hiking with dogs can add a lot more stress and a lot a lot more to think about you know you a lot more planning you gotta know exactly what you're doing what's ahead of you are there water crossings are there sections where you know you need to use both your hands and your feet and the dog won't be able to do it alone but are they even allowed on the trail yeah are they allowed yeah but hiking with dogs is just the best because they have they get so much joy out of it and there's been so many times where I've been tired and I'm hiking out and I'm just ready to get back to the car and all of a sudden I'll kick a rock or something it'll go down the trail and all of a sudden coop is just like a little puppy it's like he just started the hike and he and then all of a sudden I'm laughing you know and I'm just having a good time again and they are always ready to party we've started a hike at midnight and hiked all through the night and they're just down there so excited it doesn't matter when we start it doesn't matter the trail how much sleep they got they are so happy to be there with us and

they just are the greatest ever dogs are just better than people so when you go out with dogs I think the main point is you want everybody to have fun and be safe and be respectful of the area that you're in as well and it just takes a little bit more planning but in my opinion it's worth it I wouldn't have gotten out and explored as many places as I have with the dogs encouragement and you know pushing me to get out the door some days and there it's just their greatest numbers go get a dog and hike with them yes thank you guys for watching this video be sure to subscribe to our Channel and hit sup and like this video and hit the little Bell so you can be notified every time you post a new one which will be every Monday yeah we'll see you next time you're watching and if you have any recommendations for things that you want to see from us just leave a comment below right what are you building oh yeah