07 December 2012

Hillplace Bulldogs guide to buying a bulldog puppy

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I'm a retailer from Hill Place Bulldogs

we've done this video to discuss purchasing a bulldog puppy we do not recommend any internet sites purchasing a puppy there's puppy farmers advertising on their back yard Buddha's just trying to make money there's van loads of puppies being brought over from Europe to be sold on those sites we're not recommending them Kennel Club website they have the puppy list I'm not going to recommend it because virtually anyone can advertise their puppies on there the best thing is to go to a bulldog breed Club there's eighteen bulldog clubs in England their details can be found on the Bulldog breed camps or websites these are built on people they're there for the care of the dogs I know the dogs inside out and ask them to recommend someone to you this puppy today he's four months old he's a nice healthy strong dog which is what you're looking for he's got nice big nostrils is that lovely clear open eyes he's got a reach of neck a lot of puppies they hardly have any neck and if they're like that all that breathing area is constituted so you want a nice reach of net

you want nice Strongbow good feet and the feet should be shaped like a cat speeds if they're long and flats and very open that could be prone to cysts which is a health issue puppies should be too long shouldn't be too short he should earn the tail it can be a bit of a bug Baron bulldog this is a bum tail that's okay some of them it can be inverted screwed tailed and go straight back into the body and that's a health issue ideally we want a straight tail the back end should have angulation if it's just straight they're not constrain the body I'm also I should have said on the front they should be like a cartoon character dog if they very face when they get older then get arthritis and that's a health issue colors of Bulldogs Bulldogs are brindle there are red and white red form or smut or white do not purchase an a purple Bulldog a blue Bulldog apricot Bulldog they're not what we want a breed and they've got dubious parentage they're not what we want if you are offered a black bulldog black and tan or a blue-eyed puppy don't pay thousands for it people have been ripped off these puppies if we were to breed one we would not register it and we

would sell it for very very looking money there's talks of people being charged up to 6000 pound for a blue-eyed white bulldog no just been ripped up terribly so those dogs shouldn't be in the breeding train this puppy was born naturally it was from a litter of seven puppies the mother did not have a caesarean a lot of Bulldogs are given caesareans quite unnecessary it is correct to allow the dog to go into labor if she gets in trouble and there's no other way then a caesarean but there's an awful lot that can give birth that people don't let them health of the bulldog they should be able to run they should be able to breathe really quite well there should be exercised every day you don't want a dog with too much wrinkle that can be a health issue you just want the fine wrinkling this is beautiful little bitch this is the perfect hair that's the tail we want we can lift it it points down naturally that's a healthy tail and again lovely angulation on the back end she's a year old she's a little bit little the beautiful little girl when purchasing a puppy this is the

type of now we want to avoid this is the screw tail that is inverted in size so that is losing hair it's sweaty get stirred and that hair can't escape and that can be a health issue that won't change as she gets older so do avoid those types of tales go first straight telev at all possible this little girl's nose roll is a bit too big that's not really what we want in the breed it can be a health issue that has to be cleaned a couple of times a week or sweats and gets mucky so fine wrinkling she has had puppies and none of the puppies had that big nose Rock because we chose a dog that's not heavily recalled so that's what we're working towards your spine wrinkly I go to a reputable breeder nobody give you lifelong advice from your puppy they're there at the beginning they're there at the end any problems whatsoever go back to a breeder or six of bulldog people you go to a backyard breeder puppy former they're not interested that's why it's very very important to go to the proper people there's be there for you good breeders don't need to advertise if you buy a puppy and it's got an endorsement on it that it's puppies are

not eligible for registration that's quite a lot more for respectable breeders to do that and it's quite normal power so to put not flexible reasons being we put it on it stops the puppy farmers backyard breeders haunting outdoors a puppy boy then join clubs started to show they're happy I eventually wanted to hide from it we will remove the endorsement save export between situations where people are bought happy saying that were other pet and exported them to countries where normal respectable people wouldn't export Peter that's why those endorsements are on there they can only be removed by the breeder this little puppies for mulches Olivia her name is and she's not behaving very well your puppy you should have its Kennel Club registration details it should have a diet sheet with Optimus supply food as well to keep it going for a few days it should be inoculated with at least its first injection it should be microchipped ideally the parents should be helper tested and you can ask to see their health test certificate and ideally the parents should have been make sure you

tested as well