07 November 2018

HobbyPuppy Gets a Bath! Littlest Pet Shop Surprise + Pet Shampoo Kelco Dog Wash HobbyKidsVids

We use Kelco Shampoo to wash our new HobbyPuppy! She gets a bath. HobbyKids: HobbyPig, HobbyFrog and HobbyBear help HobbyMom choose what flavor ...

bad I'm hobby mom welcome to hobbykidstv

of hobby puppies life we got some super cool shampoo we need you guys to help us give her a bath help us pick out what shampoo does she use this is the best shampoo ever there really is I got this stuff on Amazon it's called telco ke l co shampoo reason why we love it not just as it smells good but it's no sulfates no perfume no so the kids have sensitive skin so when we wash the dog it doesn't bother them either that's why I love it so help us pick one out we have puppy tears smell food simply silky because she's a silky terrier dirty dog and these are just fantastic dr. Heiko that's fit for dogs with really sensitive skin I love that to Philip the animal with the global poverty and the last one is hilarious stinky dog how funny is that so which one you guys want to do we have there are choices here's with simply silky and puppy tears anyone should be clever point i'd away give hoppy mom from the poor okay heads or tails heads yeah simply silky it is it's purple melon my smell hubby bear so good huh it smells like banana and coconut tropical deliciousness oh I love it they

will choose the Cologne when we're all done get some focus with that too so first what we're gonna do is we're gonna Jordan go I'm gonna put her in and this is gonna sound really weird but the best way to wash your doggy it's to put the shampoo on while your dog is drying it helps get the dog to smell out unless you really like that smells so I'm putting the shampoo on while she's all nice and dry I like to put a lot of it and don't put it like directly on the doggies head you want to try and keep it away from their ears because you don't want to get water in their ears so now I'll rub it in rub it and real good it's your bitch little nails in there yeah get down on her skin all over her body washy washy washy whoo merci merci merci whoo I'm like he knows the water she was just my hands a little bit right here it's some warm water that'll help rubbing the soap all over her body you good [Music] [Applause] yeah okay [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I'm just gonna just watch this a little bit the top of their head for analytic like I said in like water in her ears careful watching hey guys a question for today's show is what character is probably baby folding leave your comments yeah thumbs up for cute doggies the people that we adopted her from later her mommy daddy ran away like a really light color here I'm going to be this color forever that's our guy lose this black hair and general are we gonna kind of silver like for parents [Music] we're gonna use wild cherry cherries [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right I think we got all the

conditioner out our hair is nice and soft now we need to make her smell even more better and I think there are soda surfaces so we can use simply silky Hello Baby cologne or hairy East alone we got to choose fast because we don't want it to get cold it really it's like you see my baby and you to simply silky alright how's your tails got flip for it tail tail tail Oh twice alright so we're gonna use baby you want to spray her down huh spray your body not her face there you go I'm gonna rub it in real good get her paws on her face though there you go and her other paws yeah get her belly Oh rats rub it in real good make your smells so nice and pretty like a cute little baby and you don't need to rinse the Cologne you don't want you he said is a little baby puppy now we need to get her dry and then we're gonna blow dry her okay now we're going to put some of the calcio zap ear in her ears this will help keep the please away it like helps clean her ears too without drying them out and this stuff is all natural - so this is awesome I love it and it smells good too you can use gauze or you can

use cotton balls and always make sure to check with your veterinarian before using any products on your doggies this is just what we do so it's cool about Zach here too is I know it sounds really strange but I use it to like spray down her cage and it helps keep fleas and ticks away they don't like the smell and also ant sprinkle some around the dog food bowl too and helps keep bugs away from attacking their dog food or their water bowl or something totally safe around kids hello awesome you don't have to use it just for the ears - they sell it in a spray form it's called zap spray and you can just you know like spray it around the dog bed or even on the dog itself you can spray their paws and stuff so it's amazingly awesome like I said you can buy it on Amazon it's right on our stuff oh we got some new calico brushes too we're gonna use the small ones since she's little and we're also gonna use a big one well she's escaping [Music] [Music] he's all softer fluffy yeah now let's give her a little ponytail I have a little pink rubber band here yeah that

way the bangs are not her eyes anymore we do need to take a look but she could see now and we can't forget her collar give hobby puppy a thumbs up for looking beautiful there you go you ready flare - he's doing please it's okay for the surprise it's LITTLEST PET SHOP because you know she's a pet so make sense right this is interesting look how cute it is I don't know what it is but it's cute the Hedgehog thank you right yes haha oh is it gonna play with that superhero a little bit wait wait where'd she go I'll be Buffy where's tobert where's the blasters [Music]