26 July 2014

Homemade Evaporative Cooler! - "whole room" Super Cooler! - up to 30F drop! - Easy DIY

Homemade Evaporative Air Cooler. Easy DIY. This "large area" SUPER Cooler is capable of cooling multiple rooms (up to 30F lower than the initial "room ...

hey there this is quick video to show

you another one of these homemade evap beer coolers I put together this one's really cool it's probably the best one I made so far this is putting out about 66 degree air right now and it's about 82 in here you get the pump at the bottom 1/2 inch coupler on it 1/2 inch tubing goes up over in the half inch PVC pipe and then it's capped off at the end there's 40 small holes drilled in this facing down of course about a half inch apart that fully saturates the path you can see the nicely even water flow top to bottom and that's it this little contraption is pulling this whole room you I'm going to put this small block right like that and we're just going to attach this about here all right there's the stand looking good all right now I'm going to go ahead and cut down the wire mesh okay there it is with the front and back screen put on it all right now I'm just going to cut it across here now we just add the tubing for the water and put the fan in front of it here's a

quick shot of the PVC pipe and how it goes together goes together real quick spray this on slide that in that's it push this on twist this in and push the vinyl tubing up there that's all there is to it finally I went ahead and drilled a 7/8 inch hole there and a 7/8 inch hole there snake the pipe through it cap it off on one end attach the bottle tubing to the other and then lastly pull the pad up to the bottom of the pipe like that and use some pieces of wire to tie it on there I just slipped a thin wire through the pad and twisted it up and around the pipe alright let's go ahead and fire it up you can see the nice even water flow top to bottom so that's pretty much it I'm going to go with the fan just attached like that I did have it on a little stand right in the front but no need you can actually put it right up against the wire lattice you can see the water flow there beautiful it's working perfect and that's it this little contraption is pulling this whole road house-town cooller town

it's going through about a gallon every two hours that's an awesome that for a spray that's as good as it gets