07 October 2019

Hot Weather Gear For a Service Dog

Collapsible bowl ...


[Music] [Music] if you don't know my name is Leona and this is arias my service dog so this is gonna be a video about our summer like I guess like our summer service dog favorites or like our essentials I don't really know what to call it but it's thinks that we found were really needed and the summer with the heat like here in Texas and or like anywhere because it gets really really hot alright so let's just get into this okay so starting off our first thing is a collapsible bowl and like a water bottle or just water in general we like our Peugeot one because it's huge and gives him enough water and then I like to do an insulated bottle so I can give him like cold water I don't do freezing cold because it can lead to him like going into shock from it but just like colder water instead of it being hot I am our next essential is Paul axe this is just like the nutria vet like wax card I believe it's called their pad guard then it's just wax I only use this on cooler days and along with that is our boots these ones are off of Amazon they work

to her bail when they work great for him I believe they're busy dog and he we found that those are great as far as like for him and for us they don't irritate his dewclaws or anything which is really important to me and I know a lot of people are gonna say boots are ridiculous like ridiculous but they're there for protection from the hot pavement if you like you wouldn't walk on the pavement barefoot it's the same for dogs like they can bring their pads and really injured from walking on the pavement with nothing so I like to do the 10-second rule and how I do it is if I can leave my the back of my hand on the hardest part of the pavement so it's a place that's been in the Sun all day for ten seconds with like with no pain no discomfort nothing like that then he's okay to do nothing if I can leave it there for the full ten seconds with slight discomfort then we do wax if I can we like if I leave it there for ten seconds with pain or I can't leave it there for a full ten seconds then we do boots okay our next thing is our cooling coat I will do a quick disclaimer when I ordered this it was

supposed to be red not pink but pink and frankly I don't care because it still works for him so basically this is just something that goes on and we ordered this one off of Amazon as well but this part rests on his back this part goes under his belly and then it has a Velcro that loops around and attaches on to the back of him so he's pretty much completely covered I found that this actually works a ton really easy as far as like how much she's panting how much he seems to like just get worn out by the heat anything like that I will say like we don't use it very often because if it's too hot then I usually don't go out because that leads to my symptoms flaring up and we want to avoid that um okay so our next thing is a raincoat this is just one from Petsmart I say like a raincoat as like an essential I need anything with that because of the Fox had that with summer comes hurricane season and we'll get hit by like we've been hit by a storm we've been hit by a couple pretty big hurricanes or we'll get like quite a few different storms that are thanks to hurricanes coming in and yeah it's kind of like it's an essential no matter what I want him

covered if we're going somewhere like with it raining because nobody wants wet dog like in the store or like in class so yeah our next thing is our service pup cheek harness so this is just teal with gray this is like one of his favorite harnesses as you can tell with this during the summer I don't like to put capes on in with us harness because that's just extra material that's unnecessary so what we like to do is either put a leash wrap like on the side we have one coming that's gonna fit for this one because none of ours to do or more commonly what I do is I use this bag and just clip this on the back and it just kind of sits on his back underneath the pull strap and I'll put a service dog patch on it this one's from so what go on Instagram and this way he can still carry like my meds like my emergency medication my inhalers and anything else I need him to hold for me so yes and quick disclaimer I do not do mobility on him yet he's too small he's been cleared hurt not too small too young he's the perfect size but at only 15 months we're going to go get him checked at somewhere between 18 months and 24 it's going to

be up to the vet so yeah he's been cleared for forward momentum but that's it like Tori momentum exciting but no like bracing or counter balance yet okay so we've got our other one is our Bridgeport as I said I did not do mobility on him this one I purely used to get him used to the handle and delete of a leather harness so this has our another region handle that attaches to the back this is for port momentum and guide work and then this is our bracing handle for once he's cleared I can't like take it off on this one so it's just there and then with that it's either like a leash wrap on the side again this is another why front like a leash wrap here or it will be on this handle that for I do the this one actually has like my emergency stuff in it with a patch this one just says working k9 and it's also from so what go our other thing that we really like is with it like when it's mid summer it gets extremely hot like excruciating ly hot and makes things really hard to like work with and just like make sure that it's all like he's comfortable as well so something we do more than like very commonly it's just

work naked so he doesn't have a vest or a harness on we just do a collar and then a leash and with our leash what we love to do is use our patience and lovely shop so that he stays marked so this one is just a stop no talk touch or eye contact and it works great it kind of like gets the point across that he is working without having him in anything so that's just like rest across my shoulders it's extremely thin so it comes like it's great for us so it's just kind of like you know it doesn't like me with having a bunch of like extra stuff on me and it doesn't like bother him because he doesn't have all the gear on him we only use that like on super hot days another alternative to our leather one is our Rutgers ropes leash absolutely adore this is so soft and such good quality with a leash shop as well it just says I don't pet you well you're working and this one is what we really use on campus because it's our school colors with all of that I do like to have like a fun bandanna this is just like our galaxy one it's really dirty because he's going through a shutting season and we've had it on him since it started but I need to clean like the

majority of his gear pretty soon so it's just it's something to kind of like you know just be there like if I'm working him naked then I'll sometimes put a bandanna on him with our leash wrap another thing is I do like to have ones that say service dog on him so it has like it'll have like letters like along the side or like in the center that just say service dog or I have one that has velcro on it so I can switch out a patch or just like so a patch on it and that way it keeps them marked but this is just kind of like they're it's something fun interesting you know good for him another thing that I don't have like sitting here is that I think is good it's like a floating toy or a lifejacket and like a long leash you know at that if you think your dogs can hear distracted like Ares has a really good recall so I never worried about it but I do know that he also has a prey Drive and he's pretty good as far as like ignoring things but I know when he's off duty he'll like you know want to chase a squirrel or something like that and if I take him like swimming that I do enjoy having like a long leash that I can hook him to if we're in an

area that has squirrels or chickens or ducks or anything like that that he could decide he wants to chase just randomly without anyone like without any warning so yeah that's like something I wanted to touch base on so that's all I can think of everything I have here is gonna be in the description box below service pop seek doesn't make harnesses anymore I think she does release premades here and there but I haven't seen any in a few months um I got this secondhand from a friend that actually lives near me and it her puppy outgrew it and it fits areas perfectly so I jumped on it and I loved it that's honestly like all I can think about I will have everything in the description below as I said service pop Steve doesn't meet harnesses anymore but I'll still put her Instagram down below and Rutgers ropes shop is completely closed like it doesn't it's not even up anymore so I may end up putting up the shop that took all of her not like took it that Alyssa gave the rights to her designs for which is black sheep leaves I believe this what it's called it's on Instagram and Etsy so I'll link to that

in the description box as well as like an alternative and then the other things that I can think of is my leather leash it's not on Amazon anymore so I'll probably have to put that like I'll put an alternative one that I found is good so yeah that's all I can think of I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you're in you know have any questions about somewhere with a service dog or hot weather with a service dog please comment them down below and I'll try and get them answered or if you have any video requests leave them down below and I'll film them as soon as I have the chance yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it helped anybody going into their first summer with their dog and