08 October 2019

HOUSE HUNTING! Selling Our Home & Getting More Land.

I am sure a lot of you are shocked! We'll do a full video on all the decisions behind why we decided to move again in the near future. But, this should be our last ...

well hello there all you wonderful

people of the internet this is the start of a fun little series or any series of house hunting for us no one else but for us what have we decided Ryan we've decided we need to downsize and get more length so like square footage-wise in our house we're going to downsize it all in one what are the other technically the same well it's so the house we're going to look at right now is like eight just over eight to 10 square feet 300 of that though is in the basement it has a basement which is very odd for North Carolina houses that's very rare but it's a walkout basement so that's why if you see a basement it typically will be like a walkout basement so it's about like 1500 square feet on the upper floor where but it's all one my main issue is there stairs are very hard for me and then so Ryan inside of the stairs so he probably also appreciated heated as always from the standard looks so nice so we just decided we down so we want to downsize our mortgage so we can save more money so that in a couple years we can buy a bigger piece of land with our family so it just like it makes sense and we want more land we have four dogs now they don't have a lot of room

to run around it hasn't been an issue but like they would love to have like more of they are to you know run and frolic and stuff in and so we'd like to be able to do that for them too and once you get more out of the country you can get more for less not necessarily for days you can find mice yeah basically I want at least 1,100 square feet like that without houses today we've got at least six on the itinerary are you ready area no so we've arrived at this first house and there's already people here already checking it out so this one is a bit far it's I believe there's a lot of interesting yeah so this house in particular is on you said about three acres three to four acres it's pretty far from where we are currently it's about a half hour and it's more than we want but right right it's still less than our current house price-wise but it's still more than I like let's go thirty thousand less I'm like they're just put it in perspective I found one that's not about a third yeah so only two bedrooms only an acre only at 900 square foot house um nine ninety okay that's practically a

thousand so walk in the front door living room [Music] and they did smart-home everything well brian has the one we're going to look at next it's a bit of a hot mess it needs like a total renovation which could be fun but it is a total renovation where do you get back here oh this is this is interesting yeah oh look honey perfect for you if you need help on the bathroom there you go okay Joyce realness a really good shot this should be eloping this up Wow humongous problem we're having is there not like a lot of room it's very very woodsy there's not a ton of room for gardening but Ryan found this area amazed yeah they're having fun [Music] this property is unique but actually it kind of reminds me of my grandparents house that they used to have that 25 acres a lot of it was wooded actually like half of it was wooden half of it wasn't and he was just like we could run around down in the valley where it was wooded so many good memories there and

this kind of gives me that feel again like has a similar type of vibe so we found this pear tree that's on the property all the pear trees have already fell and died but there's persimmons two persimmons trees and who knows what else we're now at house number three and this one is interesting so you walk in which leads into this nice wood which leads into the nice carpet over here and into this nice other laminate this is different floor there this is oh well this is at least the same as what's at the front door it's a while later and we're now onto house number four others left sirs okay well this is cute little house real nice floors look nice this looks like LBP right okay fireplace oh look at that cute little kitchen could do the building table there fridge right there brand new oven all brand-new appliances this is the laundry closet in our second apartment the laundry closet is right off the kitchen yep it's the master yeah nice master bathroom just kind of strange with the window right there yeah straight out to the front porch and the stuff that I own

seats on the outside though we can do this stuff that Bach oh yeah Oh Elleni Oh level we want a closet yeah I mean they're essentially oh I wasn't say they're identical but not quite definitely small yes no doubt about that I like that it's real nice house it's definitely small you said what do you say its square footage on this is it is nice that the mattress that tree-lined Oh Dan flame comes all the way down here and assuming probably even back there but it's the first house I really looked like except that there is no workshop there's no garage there's no awesome already small house which like it's fine but there's no yeah there's no office no garage is driveway yeah like there's not what was the price on this I know I was under 200 no owner off the acreage on this is like one maybe 1.25 what why did we have to look at this house think about the garden think about that space for the dogs to run and playing the kids and just all of the fun that could be had outside I'm sorry I brought you to the nice [Music]