25 April 2016

House sitting and a Winter Storm

We go on a walk in the winter wonderland that is Colorado...and enjoy the house we get to stay in for the blizzard.

so it's snowing today it is the shutdown

about sixty percent of all the flights out of Denver and luckily Noel and I are house sitting for the weekend so we don't have to be in any cold van when we get to take care of these little cute little cats and its really nice to be out of the weather and we get to play with these fun cats are so kind and nice and we are about to go out on a walk hi there we're going to go out on a walk in the snow and then come back to a nice warm house what a great day to be house what a great weekend to be house setting it's amazing hi everybody I'm just here with the two cats at the house sitting we're doing they are loving the attention I'm an animal lover but I don't have any of my own but it's really fun this cold snowy day of play with the cats and just hang out in a nice cozy house all right we're out for a walk look at all that snow you can see it better from that direction the winter wonderland in an april the middle of april go rotten whoo we're not the only ones out for a walk someone else is braving it too hahaha very Christmas making sustaining middle of April isn't it awesome don't know if you can see this but it looks so cool 100 I'm under

overpass and we are as you walk out of the snow coming down it looks so cool so cool alright we're almost to starbucks okay everybody hope you enjoyed our little walk we're back back to our to our house sitting and playing with the cats and I'm going to do some uploading of this video and watch the snow fall there's my baby right there look at that it doesn't seem to be as huge as snow storm as what's expected but maybe it's we're just missing the big part of it because Denver supposed to have got quite a bit more so anyway I hope everyone has a great day and enjoy whatever environment you have because I'm having fun in the snow okay bye everybody all right I wanted to give you one more shot of the beautiful snowfall before I ended the video good morning everybody well I've been trying to end this video for a while but then I get up this morning we got like 12 inches of snow overnight so I have to do another addition to it so here's what it looks like no one's going anywhere today we got lots of snow there's lots of snow out there look at that I don't think I'm driving anywhere today that

when it's this bad you have to watch for the limbs breaking outside because the snow gets so heavy the limbs will break and so I think we're in for the day until some of this melts away and the snowplows get to come through hope everyone's going to enjoy their day to day by