24 April 2019

House Sitting: Budget Travel Hack

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hi Becca you ready to go for a walk

are you ready go for a walk oh hey guys so it's gonna just share a little bit of daily life on the road so right now we're uh we're house-sitting it's a great way to hack travel and to travel cheap and you know so we're we're staying in a house this house here we'll get a better picture of it from up top but it is a 200 year old house made a rock that's not that's not a facade that's actually those walls are actually about almost 2 feet thick rocks rocks everywhere rocks they make Ravi these rocks for everything around here so just kind of give you a little tour slurs back at the back of the house here there's our Fiat yeah whole car we put on so that's the house here that over there that's a 2-bedroom 2-bath cottage that ties into the house they rented out vacation running out that's where Amy and I are sleeping and then we have the whole rest that run to the house or there's a couple more bedrooms baths kitchen giant kitchen nice kitchen somewhat like a commercial size kitchen it's really good so come out and walk in the dog so come out here to the lower shed and got a grab go to grab a ball and the flinger and then oh this is the

glamorous stuff right here oh yeah glamour yeah we gotta get we got to get poop bags so want to be responsible not leave stuff all over the place so there's that all right all right we're good to go so we're gonna head out we just have a couple fields that we normally walk through and so yeah well let's give you a little bit of a tour of the of the whole property first so like I said there's the house there's Becca how about good Becca wants her ball so I'm gonna toss her ball go get their shoes on the fence and over in and up so there's kind of this whole upper area here it's a nice little sitting area nice and green and there we go a green house is back in the house and it's right there well there it is oh she got it oh yeah and then there's little there's a little creek that runs through the property down there it's all good and then grass is getting long I'm gonna have to have to mow this but they got a writer and you know trimmer and gas trimmer and all that stuff but that's kind of the things that you do so you know again like our life isn't so a waterfalls and stuff we got chores to do

I got to mow the lawn got an edge trim all that stuff take care of the dog we got dishes to do and all that stuff so this is kind of the upper field I get some I got some grapes they was about five years old and they're figuring out how to how to grow grapes off there do anything with them to make mine they got some fruit trees trained up up there and then it goes up to a little stable they used to they used to actually have sheep in that back field there but they they don't anymore that's why they got beca because becca is Becca's retired sheepdog she actually she's actually work she was a worker that's what probably one of the reasons she's so so awesome and so well trained oh and we got in little greenhouse here another one of our chores is where we're taking care of some plants you can see those in there so yeah we water them and get them getting them ready and we cover them up at night keep them to warm and stuff like that so Caroline the homeowner is gonna I think she's gonna be potting those and giving those to her her mom when they get back from Florida so nope it's time to time to throw the ball for Becca she sister

exercise time so hi so toss the ball she really loves to catch the ball Oh bounce she likes to bounce it and catch it and there she goes she'll just park wait for it good yeah all rights go for our walk we got a little full route that we take here so you know there's another view of the house you can see in the distance the fields and the sheep and the livestock that's out there and you know that's uh we're gonna go through some of those fields today so we'll see we're not gonna go through we're not going through anything where there's actually sheep Becca would get way too excited for that so we're just gonna kind of take it easy check out the fields so look at these roads you guys these are this is uh I was really typical for out here in the in the country these are super super narrow just big enough for one car then you can kind of see you know there's a garbage truck that comes down here but cars you can't you're not you're definitely not just passing anybody easily and tractors and trailers always have always have the right away makes sense I mean we're in the country is the farming area tractors they got to work

that's what they're doing they're actually working and of course it takes forever for somebody to back up a trailer as far as they might need to we've been in situations where we've had to back up as much as as much as a quarter mile so speaking of miles it's really funny that leave it leave it know you can see her you pros here I can't because I'm on the my GoPro screen oh yeah she loves that so anyway speaking of miles quarter miles so you know we always make jokes about you know miles and the metric system and how you know the u.s. is the only one in the world that still uses you know miles and pounds and and all that stuff not true not true they measure stuff over here and a lot of times in feet and inches and miles the cars are miles per hour the there it is cars are the speed limits are posted in miles per hour when you're talking to somebody and they're referencing where they're going or how um you know they'll say oh it's about a mile down the road or a quarter mile away not in kilometers not in kilometers per hour fuel and measurements and stuff

like that those are still in metric so you know you buy fuel by the liter which is super super expensive by the way that little Fiat 500 we filled it up the other day and it was 37 pounds which is close to it's close to 50 bucks that's pretty expensive oh boy over there back over here over here Becca over here that's pretty expensive to fill a little a little Fiat you know it's got a small gas tank I mean yeah so fuels feel super expensive over here but we have to have a we got to find this ball it's bright orange where's that Becca yeah my throw was horribly horribly off so yeah fuel is super expensive over here the grass is long that was a crappy though I don't know if we're gonna find this right away so fuel is super expensive but we need it we have to have a car because we're out in the good girl so because we're out in the country and we have to we got to be able to there's not a grocery store that we can get to there's not a bus service out here there are taxis but they'd be really expensive to come all the way out where we're at it probably

takes us about between 10 and 15 minutes to get to the closest town where there's a store but anyway I brought this on because I wanted to show you guys some of the scenery I mean look at how amazing this place is that we're at right now I mean it's a pretty it's a pretty nice day today it's a little little hazy we're really super excited to as the weather improves which it's supposed to do for the rest this week and then obviously getting into May to see the clear skies because there is there's no light pollution around here so we're gonna get some pretty some pretty awesome stars so you can see the sheep in the distance and how she dropped her ball she's ready for me to toss it again she's not that far so she doesn't want it thrown very far so she's just after a little there we go I've got her system worked out you know and she she puts it down and she's like takes off to run she she's learned she knows that with this thing that I got a really good arm she'll she'll she'll certainly take off but when she's close like that she just wants a just wants to catch it mostly she just likes to have it in her mouth

but yeah so again the scenery just beautiful I mean in the distance we're not gonna be able to see it because of this that's in the direction of the Sun and a little bit of haze but there's a hill that we went on and we did post some pictures from that walk that we went up it's called KITT Hill and it's in our facebook feet and you can see that you can see some pictures from that walk that we took on our Facebook and it's a it's the highest point in this area you really want to go don't you not gonna wait oh wait oh wait keep going it's the highest point in this area and there's an old tin mine that was up there and you can still go up and there's some ruins of the of the stack from the mine up there and it's great because from that point you can see a 360 view all the way down to Plymouth all the way down to Plymouth which is it is that Plymouth there are the Plymouth steps sailed across the Atlantic to America so we are in that we are on that Plymouth it's it's pretty cool all the history all the wind powered the wind the wind turbines power stations stuff super cool so I think Amy took a 360 picture up there which you should also

be able to find on her Facebook let's vagabond page but anyway I'm gonna continue walking Becca I'm trying to keep her out of trouble here in the fields the grass is just long enough that there are escapees from pheasant season so it's really easy for us to just stumble across and walk and all sudden you know pheasants lied off in front of us and it's easy to lose balls if they're not paying attention so anyway I just wanted to share this a little bit we're out with you guys so hopefully you liked it if you did you know give us a thumbs up and subscribe we're trying to do a lot more of this stuff so see you soon as I throw my ball alright guys see you later hey guys just a quick video just did a really good spot here I just want to show you what you guys look I mean look how beautiful this area of the country what's really cool is here let me show you this these walls that are here they're like fences around all the fields and they're made of the rocks so when they originally tilled all of this land to get it produced which mostly right now it's business its livestock right sheeps cow stuff like that when

they tell that they took all the rocks from from the field and they and they built walls they put them all around the outside here is most likely a couple hundred years old stacked up all the rocks some dirt just left it in this vegetation it's just all natural it's grown out of it and twice a year they actually will come along and they'll trim they'll trim these hedges to keep them from you know getting too overgrown and then a lot of it do the same thing along the roadways but my goodness guys just look at this that's amazing I mean I just couldn't even imagine I was gonna happen we were gonna end up here it's just it's absolutely beautiful so anyway you guys go