05 December 2018

House Sitting Ep. 3 3rd Cut

all right is it strong enough no no why

does she always leave the room when he calls she's gonna tell us everything he said anyway maybe it's not him maybe she won a free cruise and we're all going to Mykonos bitch [Laughter] [Music] are you surprised that's like his whole deal what did he get arrested for he was performing on Hollywood and Highland and Spiderman punched him so he punched him in the face your boyfriend punch spider-man a great power comes great responsibility all right the scampi's ready no you are not leaving this house unless it is to break up with that boy it's healthy I've been reading this book called codependent no more and it honestly seems like it was written for you well I'm sorry I'm in a happy and committed relationship and you're not Isis scampi's getting cold we're not jealous of you we are concerned oh my god you guys I have a psych degree and I have read every single one of Renee Browns books I am basically a therapist you know what fine you bitches Kimmie colt Gabi I care okay so today we're gonna try the Gestalt

therapy chair method my boyfriend is literally in jail right now we all know you have daddy issues no I don't my dad is my hero right but secretly you hate him so today we're gonna explore that sit in this chair Haim now pretend your dad is sitting in this chair tell him how you really feel I'm not doing that do you want to date drug dealers forever he's not a drug dealer yeah cuz he does all his drugs that's why I could never be a scampi dealer okay just do it okay okay fine um hi dad thank you for being my dad hey love you okay okay so now sit in that chair and respond to yourself as my dad you want me to be my dad just do it hi sweetie no worries I love you too it's just sometimes I worry about you okay and how does that make you feel daddy it's fine you don't have to worry about me if anything I worry about you ever since your mom passed I wonder if I've been enough for you so how do you know don't say that you did the best you could you are enough I just want what's best for you who names their child whitmer anyway it's like a combination of Whitney and Homer it's stupid if your

mother was still alive she would be so disappointed in you please I need to break up with Whitmer how much do you guys think I should charge her do you take insurance Hey engaged Erica oh it's my dad so where should we have the best lawyer party making out with bitch [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]