12 August 2019

House Sitting FAQs | My #1 Budget Travel Hack

Want to travel without paying accommodation costs and hang out with pets? In this 3 part series I cover how to become a house sitter, tips for landing house sit ...

hey guys it's Taylor with travelling

Taylor and today I wanted to talk a little bit about house-sitting so when people find out that I house said all over the world they naturally have a lot of questions so I wanted to pop in here and just answer some of those questions for everybody so here we go okay so how I got into house-sitting initially was I was headed to New Zealand on the working holiday visa and I really didn't know how I was going to afford to live there or what I was gonna do I knew I was gonna be freelancing but that was a pretty much all I had figured out so shortly before I left for New Zealand I actually got connected with a couple of house sitters that and Jodie who teach other people how to house it around the world they've been doing it themselves full-time for seven years so I thought they were the perfect people to learn from and I actually have interview with them coming up in a couple of weeks but she'll get to see but today I want to talk a little bit about my experience as house-sitting why it's so great and why I think other people should try it the first question I get a lot is how do you get started like that sounds so cool how do I do that too well it's actually

really pretty simple so I took an online course just because I was nervous and I just wanted to do everything perfectly but you don't have to learn anything necessarily to become a good house sitter you just have to be open-minded you have to be open you have to be empathetic to the home owners and their animals and kind of the needs of both and just be willing to kind of step into someone else's life and kind of do it the way that they run their lives so that can be a challenge for some people you want things to kind of always be your way but when you're house-sitting you really are stepping into someone else's home someone else's routine and it's best to try to keep those as close as possible especially for the animals but as far as getting started really the main thing to do is to join a platform so there are so many house living platforms out there that you can join either international platforms where there's listings all over the world so I've house it now in New Zealand Australia Vietnam Switzerland there's a lot of house sets in Mexico in the US

and Canada and a lot of different places where they do speak English and there's a lot of expats so you do kind of have to go where the houses are but they really are global at this point which is a really really cool aspect of house-sitting so pick a platform my current international platforms are house carers and nomads or those are the two that I've gone with and then you could also potentially just pick a regional platform so when I was in New Zealand I was on Kiwi house sitters which is just for New Zealand and when I was in Australia I joined happy house litters which is just for Australia there's also house sitters UK and house lenders America so if you don't açaí want to do global your you want to start small and maybe expand up that's totally fine but the main thing is to find the houses that aren't just family and friends is to join a platform set up a profile and then homeowners will put their listing up with usually pictures of their home and always their animals and any needs and expectations that they have and then if it fits what you're looking for and your dates and where you want to go then you apply for you just

send them a message say hey I'm interested will that set up a video chat or a call to talk more about it and then if they respond then you do that and then hopefully it works out so it really isn't as hard as it seems at first and it's really a pretty cool way to travel the world and I really really enjoyed doing this for the last year and a half and living in different communities and homes and my animals have just been absolutely wonderful so number one question is how do you get started and that's how you get started you just join a platform set up your profile and start applying for sets that fit your needs another question I commonly get after how you get started is what are like the benefits like what are the pros and cons even - how sitting so I've mentioned a couple benefits already which is that you get to be in a house you get to be in a bed you have a kitchen you can cook food with just someone who travels all the time those things are really nice and there are the things that keep me from getting really burnt out so I know a lot of travelers you're going from place to place you know of hotels or

hostels it can be really challenging to not just get completely exhausted and I think being able to travel a little slower have a home in each place that I go is one of the reasons why I will be able to sustain travel for an extended period of time so that's one really big benefit of it another benefit of it is being in a community being in more of a neighborhood and being able to actually live like a local I personally don't care to be a tourist very often when I'm in a new place I'll go out for a day or two while I'm there and do all the touristy things but in general I like to get into routine I like to visit the gym I like to check out all of the local like here in Oxford here all the pubs and restaurants and and live as much like a local as I can when I was in Vietnam just recently the community aspect really really helped out the night as actually my very first night I somehow locked myself out of the house when I took the dogs for a walk so we've gone for this lovely lovely walk 30 minutes came back could not get into the house the homeowners were travelling if they had just left that day and the

couple across the street came home immediately was like are you they knew I was there they knew they were gonna have a house sitter while they were gone and they were like are you okay what's happening guys like I locked myself out I don't really know what to do I don't know how to get in and they brought us over gave the dog some water called the landlord they waited with me while the landlord came and they kind of just checked on me for the rest of my time there in Vietnam gave me recommendations for restaurants and different places to visit so it ended up being a really great situation but if they didn't have such a great community around them that maybe wouldn't have happened and I've heard stories from so many centers of just things that happened to you you know when you're traveling in or in a new place and the community and the the people are always there to help you so that part of it I'm really really loved another benefit is the animals so the animal companionship is so great having them cuddle up with you or to even get your you know workout in for the day when you have to go for a couple different walks some one house

said I had to take the dog for an hour-long walk and they lived right by this trail and it was a pretty steep trail and we had to do that every single day so sometimes you get your exercise in as well having the animals around and having to work around their schedule sometimes helps create structures so when you do work from home and you are a freelancer it's really easy just to kind of keep working and forget to stop and so they're also a really good way and I'm really gonna reminder to say okay let's stop let's go play let's go through the frisbee let's go for a walk or whatever it is so that's another really great benefit of house-sitting another really wonderful piece of the house living community is that this is a free exchange so for me coming in and taking care of their animals and their home they are providing me free accommodation so it's also my number one budget travel tip this is to try house-sitting did not only get to live more like a local and have beautiful sweet animals but then you also get free accommodation catch which can really save on cost when you're traveling

full-time or for an extended period of time so there is a lot of trust that is really built into this community and the people who are a part of it really well even that and fall into that it can't be challenging especially with new homeowners to kind of get over that fear of having a stranger in their home so you want to do your best to really just assure them and be welcoming and friendly and calm I feel like calm is a really good way to kind of nurse their fears and just constant communication so while they're gone also the pictures of their animals or give them updates on how things are going just so they know that everything is going fine and to not worry about it that their animals will be here when they get home and they can enjoy their vacation so a couple of the downsides of house-sitting because there's pros and cons to everything that you choose to do a couple of downsides are that especially if you have dogs or animals that need more constant care is you can't really travel outside of your health your house so you might be able to do like a day trip somewhere or yeah go explore the city and things like that they don't expect you to be home 24/7

but anything like an overnight trip it's best to do before after your set so that's one thing you are kind of contained to your house it while you're on set the other thing I would say is just know your limitations and know realistically how much work you want to do taking care of a home and taking care of multiple animals is actually a lot of work and it can start to feel like a full-time or even part-time job just depending on the needs of the animal so as a solo sitter I'm very aware of how much I can handle on top of my work and so I'm not gonna take big lifestyle type properties which I have before and they were totally fine but I'm kind of getting to the point now where I've been doing it for a while and I prefer some of the smaller homes with less animals just because for a single person there's a lot less work but if you're sitting with your partner or even with maybe a friend of yours and there's two of you or maybe you have a background in like resort management doing something a little bit more like helping run a B&B while the owners are gone because that so some of this is that you can get doing something like that may not be

that big of a deal especially if you don't have a lot of like online work or anything else that you're doing you're retired maybe that's how you want to spend your time gardening or you know just taking care of horses or whatever it is there are all of these options out there so that's another really cool thing about house-sitting is that you again you step into people's lives so we're going to live in a studio apartment or they live on a chateau and France they also I mean people want to enjoy their vacation right they want to have the time to be able to step away and have that they have responsibilities so they want to simplify but they have responsibilities and so what you're giving them is a peace of mind you're giving them that break that they need and in the meantime you get to enjoy sort of the lifestyle that they've built which I just think it is really wonderful and it's a really cool thing that the community is able to do so that is a little bit about house living I am gonna have a couple more videos coming out on house-sitting if you want to learn more about it but that is the way that I actually travel around the world

it is how I afford to keep going even though I do work online it really helps with cost and an isn't it's a way that I pick where I'm going right so I wasn't even initially planning to go to Vietnam I knew it was gonna be in Southeast Asia but that was kind of the extent of it and I was looking for house that's in any of those countries that I was wanted to go to and Vietnam ended up being the one where I ended up so ended up in Ho Chi Minh City for five weeks which is pretty cool so it is um it's not only a way to fund travel but it's a really cool way to see different places and maybe visit different places that you wouldn't have done otherwise so those are the most common questions I get people ask me about house-sitting so I wanted to pop in here and answer them for everybody so if you have more questions or there's more videos about how something you want me to create just let me know be sure to subscribe down below and until next time guys