13 August 2019

House Sitting // Red Rocks // & Bear Encounters// Full-time Travel Family Of Four

Ahhhhh....... We are finally back in a house! It's not a house on Airbnb though. We're pet sitting. For the next week in and half, we get to take care of two sweet ...


whoo it's already getting a little bumpy became just gonna queer easy [Music] number of our railroad is it leveled up that's it did it we live on the hop for the most part and that's how you build a driveway to the mountains sure the camera won't justify it at all just know it's deep we'd have to have four-wheel or all-wheel drive in order to get up it or at least recommended starting at the bottom and or hit the gas and don't stop and hopefully nobody else is coming down car just don't do it [Music] good morning so this week we're doing things a little bit different in our travels and we'd typically wait for house city we are taking care of two adorable little kittens and two puppy dogs of dogs they're they're not published but there's let me show you them where's the kitten wheeler really see hello to everyone you know my name is Willie and I am really hyper yes I'm a cute little kid named a fluff ball yeah your teachers really in there axel which

is the bigger black kitty yes this is the new enough anyway hello hi say hello yeah juju Luna this is Luna she's a lucky girl yeah and here comes boomer right here I'm coming and this is boot he's a big puppy hurtle oh yes he loves everybody [Music] Oh boomer likes all the attention all right raise the other kitty boys over here why are you Axl oh he's sleeping in the bin hello sir hello here comes your kitten friend so I'm not sure how often we're gonna be doing the house-sitting but we figured since we're on this little journey without her kitty cats right now we Mazal visit and take care of somebody else's kitty cats along the way and puppy dogs and this house is amazing we are up really high elevation and it's on 10 acres of property and I don't know if you can see it right off the window see those that house and you look out I guess I could show you in a better view but there you go right over there is Pikes Peak so you can see on the way over there is Pikes Peak in that serve you it's so very peaceful up here we

love it they said like lots of bears come through here there's mountain lions they know they're there but they have never seen one come through here there's Bobcats that they've seen so there's all sorts of wildlife up here [Music] burden to the guides everything it's extremely busy gorgeous little tape the Utah this place is the most visited our most photographed place in all the Colorado Springs reminds me of a little bit of a piece little piece of Utah I think that's why I'm so excited to visit does it remind you are Utah really just like a little bit of it the redness I guess the mountains kind of don't you ready it's guys to go and write your song the world will sing [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank all the people arrayed around this bin yup their Saviour my new haircut oh yeah I forgot about that looking good looking stylin hopefully he doesn't wake up then again he hood with some spunk up in this girl right

[Music] that's the water might as well jump in we don't know where we'll end up might as well begin memories you're making the frame inside your heart little lovin nowhere somewhere you can start I know papi I taking a tree boomer is he gonna get one bite man oh man oh he said for you huh he's like I said that is a treat sir made it back just in time before the rain the temperatures dropped to massively there was a hot plate it reminded me personally a lot of snow cannon and use just a lot less threat Snow Canyon has a lot more so like a mini still in it but it didn't remind the rest of them so I guess it just me good hike though here in the area but for the rest of the evening like you you can't even see it used to be right over there it's like clogged out and gone so I think it's gonna rain for the rest of the evening so we're just gonna kind of relax and watch ring go by Jim you guys [Music] hold up videos not quite ending yet I lied we seen a bear there's a rare the recycling bin was open oh my gosh no

he's trying oh he's tipping over the garbage it's closed oh my gosh that's amazing flying out there looking him he's like he's like trying that anything he can to get into that garbage there can you see him ah here get up here move that back can you see me I keep getting it off him because I'm sorry you [Music]