04 February 2018

House sitting stories horror animated reaction chills

Oh no I was scared.

hi guys it's a boy Lambo fam and today

we're gonna be doing another horror story of house-sitting stores by mr. nightmare and lo llama art she's the one who made the animated this one it's cut you got me it's pretty scary so that's just its third a dodo I'm gonna die one of his co-workers was going away for a few days and even somebody he could trust to watch over his house the reason my dad pitched this to me was because the man's house has a big CCTV system basically a camera in every room and then an operating desk where all screens could be watched on a big monitor and I'm a computer science major so my dad just always assumed that I know how to work anything technological the man told my dad that he'd pay me $200 for the two days just to watch the house whatever that meant my dad drove me to the house and introduced me to the man whose name doesn't matter the man made it seem like he preferred as stay in the upstairs room with the monitors as opposed to roaming the house all day I was fine with me though so when I was just saying that like you already know that something's gonna go wrong like you could go looks at my computer and you could see like a man open the door I

pretty I don't know if I'm right or not but that's what I'm guessing if I'm right the thing I was doing the least was keeping an eye on the monitors night came I started wondering where in the house I should sleep since surprisingly I hadn't discussed that so I sat back down at the desk and looked at all the different rooms on the screens to see which rooms had beds or couches I noticed something I wasn't expecting to notice though the back screen door was open downstairs I didn't remember it being open I looked through each and every kind of screen in the panic in the living room a closet door was open oh no I texted my dad to call the man and ask him if he came back home meanwhile I continued watching the screen on the grainy dark image a tall person who resembled only a black shadow on the screen stepped out from the closet I pulled my arms off the desk as I covered my mouth with my hands in shock as I did this however my left elbow pulled some heavy object from the desk onto the floor creating a big thud the person in the image very clearly moved their head up to the ceiling as a

response to the noise they went to the stairs walking a very very slow my step meanwhile I got a text back from my dad saying no he's not I just spoke to him half an hour ago why I got so caught up in my phone texting my dad to send help that I didn't even pay attention to the monitor there was a knock at the door I looked at it and then the screens the first screen I laid my eyes on was the one showing the person outside the door to the room I was in when I remembered that door had no lock the only thing I could think to do was jump out the window into the bushes below I ran halfway down the block and then stopped when my dad called me I had him call his friend and asked him if he was expecting somebody in the house the man said he had no relatives or friends who had his key or would ever let themselves into his home so he called the cops and had them review the footage I got to watch all of it and it showed everything from the moment the intruder broke the sorry bout that my pizza was here I jumped out the window and him running away shortly after the intruder was never found the footage was just too dark to identify his face we

actually have a time to do it one more hold on actually guys I can't really do another one I'm sorry about that but if you guys all enjoyed that horror story and leave a like thumbs up goodbye