03 November 2019

House & Pet Sitting in FRANCE: Living like a Local

Housesitting in Europe Part 3: FRANCE. In the third and last video of the series, Sara gushes on her Paris housesit and how she loves settling into a big city ...


so I'm here in Paris this is my last my third house and pet city I had dreamed of getting the house in Paris and it worked out my last week here in Europe I found this house it and I was skeptical I was not really thinking it was going to happen they didn't want to get my hopes up but I took a bus overnight 12 hours from Munich Germany to Paris I arrived at 6 a.m. a couple days ago took the subway got here just after 7 a.m. met my host they're awesome they're so cool and this apartment is amazing this is my first time here it's always been the big city for me to go to because there's so much to see here and mostly just for the culture for the art I took French in high school it's just such a romantic place and I just probably really I idealized it in my mind and I'm here for a little over a week so it's been enduring this apartment is great I've got 30 animals I'm watching this Pitt will be on good I've got well she does fart I've got a a Sphynx cap which I've never seen in real life before initially I kind of repulsed you know definitely don't look super attractive

but he's grown on me and so cuddly I love it he feels like velvet to touch and six of me all night bundled up and also I a side note I'm on the sixth floor of this apartment building the elevator does not work so I go up six flights of stairs three at least three times a day to take Bianca out more so when I go outside scene but as a side note so I'm on the top of the building and this cat sits had lights to go out this is him sedessa he likes to go out on the window in the gutter on the sixth floor of this building scarce move it but he's growing on me and then there's a one more cat marchello who's a normal hair full full of hair cat so yeah just having a great time here so much gratitude that this happened that I was able to be here I'm just really overwhelmed by how beautiful it all came together how amazing this has been for me I just feel like to this house a big thing just all the time I love going to new places seeing different houses different apartments meeting new animals really connecting with them spending so much time with them feeling like a local

that was one of my big things with coming to Paris is there's so much to do here that I originally thought I would spend five days at least here and the fact that I'm here for at least about eight nine days I don't feel rushed to have to see everything in two days I can take my time so today I walked the mile and a half to my mantra to suckered him into Moulin Rouge and walk back because that was the closest that's the closest to me here they're Paris but going back to not feeling rushed it was such a joy of relief to know today when I'm around so many tourists that's Africa so busy and I end up walking away out of the main tourist area back this apartment and I just feel like it's so special to be able to have a place that's not the hotel that's not a hostel that I shared with so many people that I have apartment to come back to like it's just amazing and I love it I love that feeling I feel like I'm really living like a local and I'm in not a tourist part of town I go out to walk Bianca and it's still quiet there's not so many people out and it's just I love it I just wanted to give this alternative

option out there for people that are traveling and traveling cheaply because that's what I did I don't have much like and I'm looking at this amazing sunset I can see the tip of the Eiffel Tower out of the window it's just great [Music] [Music] you