20 October 2019

House & Pet Sitting in Switzerland

Housesitting in Europe Part 1: Switzerland. In the first video of a 3 part series, Sara explains how she is able to stay for free in Switzerland in exchange for ...


currently in Switzerland City and I just wanted to go over briefly how I do this so I registered for Tristan how severe calm it's a website that you have to pay more and then you can have access to posts so very similar to looking website Oracle a website so once I pay for that then I had to set up a profile I had to get some references do a little bit of background information set up the profile and then I could start contacting so I just go through my rounds but looking at the countries so we'll start with France and it'll have 40 or so listing to France it'll say the dates that they need you and then the town and so first I just do a brief thing of just looking at the dates that are in my time frame so some might be in October so that's completely out right now because I'm only going to be staying until the end of July then I go to Google Maps and type in the town name to see just the rough idea where it is if it's maybe looks like it's on the way or if it's maybe a road that a bus would probably go by and then I'll just do that for each country in the vicinity so I'll go France Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Austria Denmark Germany just

kind of those areas and so then after all that then I look to see how many other people have applied so once you click the like view this listening you can see hermite people have applied so a little either saying 0 to 3 4 to 7 and love it and so on and so that kind of gives me an idea of whether or not it's the long shot like I'm probably the 12th person so I'm probably not going to give it so the key thing though is when you're looking in these areas that don't have as many options you really have to be the first one to send them a message and so if you're able to check her looks like fairly frequently you can see they'll say new listing or last minute and then you can you know buy to those immediately before anyone else it's not like you're giving you're gonna get every one that you apply for so it is kind of a thing where you just kind of send messages out to various people just to see and some stains seem how are could be two nights or I've seen some for three months so it really just kind of depends sometimes I think that I could just make a whole trip just a house it so if you are thinking of a

specific place you want to visit just keep checking that website just all the time you know maybe months and any answer whatever the paint obviously schedules probably have to be flexible or maybe you could do the opposite way you could just kind of look anywhere to anyone you might be having a month to stay and be like hey I would be okay with going to some town and we stopped at Brent's to stay for a month know it's a small town I've never heard of it you know that could work so so this summer I came to Europe to hike a trail and decided I wanted to stay as long as I could in Europe I'm trying to not spend very much so I immediately thought of trying to do the house anymore while over here in Europe I finally applied to several differences Luxembourg and luckily enough this woman back and a few days later I had a Skype phone call with her and she confirmed my set so then I had about a week or so to get over here from Spain when was that I've been here for about ten days now tomorrow I believe me up here and so basically I just take his walks and make sure he's got food and water that's my job here she doesn't have any plants for

me to water usually you might check male plants take care of the dog the animals are the main thing and then tomorrow I'll clean the place so it's nice and spotless when she returns just like she left it for me so being able to be in one place for two days also lets me settle down a bit I was able to catch him on my blog post for mine adventure travel website I just able to relax a little town and explore feel since I was being around the same areas all the time so I really got to know the place I personally really like to settle it blue plates for a while to really get to know it instead of just always being on the go Cygnet hostels I'm just trying to see as much as you can in two days so being here has been great epic here I'm going to really miss it here and house-sitting pet-sitting like this has really given me the opportunity to do this without spending a lot of money so I can stay here longer [Music]