09 September 2019

How I Chose My Service Dog | Owner Training Clark the Corgi

Explaining how I made the decision to owner train my corgi as a service dog. Jaime is running for Congress, how he plans to make a difference ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today in this video I'm going to be talking about why I chose Clark as the dog to transform my service dog now September is national service dog month so I'm going to be trying to focus on service dog topics this month so be sure to subscribe for more service dog videos and also go follow up slark over on his Instagram page because that is where I'm going to be taking a lot of the feedback and questions for the service dog videos [Music] all right so cut a long story short over a year ago I decided to retire my current service dog which I had for six years because my health had really improved a lot but recently my husband decided to run for Congress and so with the added stress of all of that I decided that it would be really helpful to have a service dog again to help continue to manage my anxiety disorders and depression and you can actually find out all about highness campaign by visiting Jaime for congress.com I'm actually the campaign manager for him so it's all really exciting now my last service dog was an agency trained dog so I didn't have him as a pet I actually

got him once he was finished with all of his training but like I said I retired him because I was actually doing a lot better and being able to cope more but with the added stress of a federal campaign I decided I didn't need to have a service dog in and so I have gotten a lot of questions of what made me choose Clark as my service dog which I'm going to be getting completely into right now but first I want to thank the sponsor of today's video so the sponsor is actually not like my usual sponsors I do get paid money to promote products in my videos and of course I like to show products that I would use on my own pets but this one is actually a little bit different because I found out about them and I approached them to tell them that I wanted to talk about their products without actually having a paid promotion in my video because I believe so much in what these people are doing I absolutely love their mission and on top of that they have a great product so let me get into it this company is called a moth and they are handmade dog collars are made by the indigenous people in Mexico so they are so beautiful they're so well done and they give jobs to the

indigenous artists that live in Mexico and they're able to use the techniques from their Mayan culture so I love that they're keeping their culture alive by being able to have jobs making products like these that are just so unique and so beautiful so don't fall over Clark I got you there it's his collar so pretty sometimes people wonder why I put such girly colors on my dogs but it's because I like girly colors and my dogs don't have a preference and here's another one to kind of show you the variety that they have this these colors are a little bit different now one of the first most common questions I get in regards to getting a service dog again using a service dog peon is why am I not using Caspian since Caspian was retired early he wasn't retired due to age or anything like that and so the main reason for that is now Caspian is 8 years old so he is still super active super healthy you should see him chase a squirrel but if I were to use Caspian as a service dog I would probably only get like a year of working from him another year of him being able to work and I don't think that that is worth the stress of taking him out of retirement

he has not been worked at all in over a year so he's really gotten used to being laid back and being able to relax and stay home and just not have that restricting lifestyle that a service dog has and so I don't think that's worth it and also I like to plan ahead I like to make sure that like I think about the future and my husband's running for this position and if he were to win at that point Caspian would be 10 years old that's definitely too old at that point for him to keep being a service dog and at that point I would have to be training another service talk and if my husband does win that's gonna be a huge lifestyle change and that's not a good time to suddenly have to get another service dog or have to train a dog so I decided that you know before he even started campaigning I should start training a service dog and then I'd have a dog that would last for several years of being able to be a service dog and be working for me so it's just all about trying to plan for every outcome and making sure that I consider myself and the dog and just everything that's going into it so the best option was to get a

new dog to be a service dog and so I did where try to be proactive and start training my dog before my husband started campaigning because it is really important to have a very well-trained dog when you are doing public access and so yeah I think it was pretty good planning on my part and that's where we are now Clark is has gone through a lot of training I feel like he is still a little bit in in training part but we're getting really close and he's just he does amazing and I think that's really important now the second question is why did I decide to own or train this time instead of getting another agency trained dog now basically the biggest answer to this question is just the fact that I have six dogs already I didn't want to get another dog six dogs is a lot so I really didn't want to have to get another dog and I thought the best option would be to start with the dogs that I had and see if one of those dogs was capable of being a service dog before trying to get an agency trained dog and two the second time around you know at this point I am a lot more

confident in my abilities and I have more experience with house you had a service dog for six years so I felt that I did have the ability to owner train my dog this time around and luckily for me the most convenient and best option has worked out really good I was able to get one of my dogs to really qualify for it and his training has been going so well it's been going really great so yeah I just wanted to try not to get another dog and that worked out now one of the questions I've been asked by you guys a lot is why did I pick Clark out of all the dogs so I'm basically gonna take you through my process of elimination and then castien as I've already explained his age was not a good thing when taking into consideration now for me personally Eevee is just way too small to be considered as a service dog for my needs I know a lot of people have to always as psychiatric service dogs but in my opinion for what I need this was just too small so I wouldn't even go into considering her behavior or anything like that because her size was just not what I was looking for now rolling as most of you guys know is high miss dog and he obviously like time in more than

me because he's hi miss dogs so I think with when you're considering a service dog need to have a very strong bond with your service dog and Rowan isn't trying super hard to please me we just don't have that relationship but now Bruce is a dog that I didn't really want to consider for this job because not to be mean but Bruce is probably one of my least intelligent dogs now he does do as well through training like I can train him for what I need as a pet but beyond that I think that that would really be out of his range of abilities Bruce is very instinctive and for a service dog I think you'd need a jean that is very intelligent and can handle all types of situations and so that just wasn't gonna be what Bruce was and so that left Luna and Clark out Luna is a super intelligent dog but she isn't super eager to do things for you Luna is also a very high-energy dog I know she doesn't look like that when I hold her in videos but she is very high-energy and between the two Clark is more laid-back now I think a lot of times people think they want a super high energy dog that just all is always super

active but it's actually better for service ox to have a dog that is more laid-back and that is going to stay calm in all situations and that was more of Clark than Luna and then I am more closely bonded to Clark Aventa Luna so it really came down to Clark as being the best choice to try training then I have also been asked what kind of task work Clark is gonna be doing it is purely psychiatric he's gonna be just a psychiatric service dog he is too small to be a mobility sport dog now my last service dog was both psychiatric service dog and mobility support dog but um I don't really mind that clerks too small for that I haven't really needed that and the psychiatric part having to deal with anxiety and depression has always been the most important thing and the biggest issue that I face Clark has been doing a lot for me he's been able to learn a lot of tasks work that has to deal with my anxiety and it just helps so much added stress can be triggers for more anxiety and panic attacks so I've really been able to manage that with a federal campaign that is stressful so it's been really really good for me to be able to have Clark and he's so smart

he's been learning the task work really well I'll go more into that and then they're in another video but yeah he's been great and like I had said before I had managed to get my anxiety very under control and was being able to cope with it on just a daily basis and I you know how to routine everything but when the federal campaign that's something that's been really new and really different and so it's you can't really like apply the same things and I'm not just you know doing my usual daily stuff it's now suddenly a lot different and so yeah that's that's why I decided that another service dog was going to be the best option for my treatment and that's been really helpful for managing my mental health and the important part is to stay in a really good place and not go backwards so I wanted to keep moving forward and make sure that I still feel good mentally and still manage to control my anxiety and depression now I have also gotten a lot of questions about how I've trained Clark which I am going to go more into in other videos but basically I did start off by first task training Clark making sure that he would be able to be

a good candidate for being a service dog and all of that and be able to learn tasks and then when he was really good with that we started doing public access in places that do allow pets that are pet friendly and one of things too is Clark was a pet before starting to train for a service dog but one of things with my pets is I'm really strict and so I don't you know allow feeding from the table and things like that so because he already had a really good background on basic obedience training and all of that and temperament socialization he transitioned into training for a service dog very easily and it went very well then after he did really good and pet friendly places we started doing more access training in other places like restaurants stores things like that and luckily for us Texas does protect service doggies in training so they actually get the same rights as a service dog and that's really helpful because it does help me get him into public for public access training of course I really want to encourage everybody if you are gonna own a train which is completely legal and fine just make sure your dog does have a really

strong foundation before taking them out into public and besides it being a bad look for the rest of us you can really be detrimental to the training of your dog if you take them out to something that they're not ready for so be sure to follow Clark over on his Instagram page where you can see his beautiful collar and subscribe so that you can see the next videos I'm going to be coming out with about service dogs let me know what you want to learn more about my next video is probably gonna be about the pros and cons of having a large breed service dog versus a small breed and the differences that I've encountered with that so thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye